Material Engineering

A Global Material Technology Incubator

Materials and metallurgy are the most multidisciplinary and dynamic science in engineering. Engineers in materials explore the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental relationships between the structure, process, and performance of materials to create synthesis materials and develop new materials. Students will study the characteristics, principles, and processes of material manufacture and also study the process of extracting and purifying materials and minerals that utilize the abundant natural resources (SDA) in Indonesia. Due to its dynamic science sphere, the learning process in this department is also growing, such as the science of polymers, composites, ceramics and other electronic materials are constantly being developed.

Under the supervision of the best engineers and scientists in the country, Material Engineering Department continues to develop itself to become a center of education with global competence in technology and materials engineering. Students in this department will not only learn aspects of science and theory in material and metallurgical but also real conditions and problems. This is manifested by the concept of teaching lab-based education (LBE) supported by seven laboratories. This excellence makes Material Engineering Department, has been trusted by various cooperation with a number of regional and international universities. This department is also active in research activities at the regional, national and international levels, such as the participation of Antasena cars at the ECO SHELL Competition in Malaysia in 2012. With these achievements, the National Accreditation Board (BAN) DTM has granted the highest accreditation “A” to the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Materials Engineering Department.

This conducive academic climate motivates students to compete and achieves in various fields on a national and global scale. For example, a group of material students who wins in KERIS. One of students product, SAS V has been promoting to Japan and Netherland.

Graduates are competent in decision-making based on information and data analysis in materials engineering and metallurgy covering energy, marine, and environmental aspects to reduce the impact of technology application on environmental issues and human social life. The career prospects Materials Engineering Department can work in the mining, metal extraction, and smelting, manufacturing, oil and gas industries, to research institutions, academia, and government.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program at Material Engineering Department to produce reliable graduates in material and metallurgical engineering who have managerial skills and analysis of problems in work both in industry and research. This program is for eight semesters which end with research and reporting in the form of the final project.  See here for more information.


International Undergraduate Program

The International Undergraduate Program (also known as IUP) is a bachelor program which implements English as the language of instruction. The program offers regular undergraduate curriculum and provides opportunities for students to take part in international activities in the form of Study excursion, Internship in an international or multinational company, Student exchange, Summer/short course, and Joint degree.


Master Program

Graduates of the materials engineering master program are directed to research and community service with the expertise in materials engineering and advanced technology based environment. The program is supported by lectures with professors and Doctor qualifications.

Research in this department is one of the most productive in ITS. Research is supported by the Laboratory of Mineral and Materials Processing, Lab. Chemical Material, Lab. Corrosion and Failure of Materials, Lab. Manufacturing, Lab. Metallurgy, Lab. Material Innovation, Lab. Material and Computational Modeling and Lab. Material Physics.

Several universities and research institutes in Indonesia are material engineering department’s partners, this collaboration run through research and journal publication. Education collaboration also does through a double degree program with JTMM and other universities. Materials engineering department also a collaboration with any majors, BATAN, LIPI, PLN dan PT. Timur Megah Steel.

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