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    Dr. Bambang Lelono Widjiantoro, ST., MT


    Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb.

    Welcome to the official landing page of the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) – ITS.
    This landing page will provide information globally about FTI – ITS which includes the Department, resources and activities carried out by the FTI – ITS academic community. As one of the largest faculties in ITS, FTI always strives to contribute to the development of science and technology and to take part in the development of the nation and state of Indonesia.

    Happy surfing at FTI – ITS, critics and suggestions for the progress of FTI – ITS are always looking forward.


    • 1981
      The Industrial Technology Faculty oversees:

      • Majoring in mechanical engineering
      • Electrical engineering major
      • Chemical Engineering Department
      • Engineering Physics Department

    • 1985
      FTI established 2 new Study Programs namely Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering
    • 1991
      In accordance with Minister of Education and Culture Decree No.1213 / O / 1991 FTI manages 3 D-3 majors, namely Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering
    • 1994
      Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering study programs have changed their status to Industrial Engineering Department and Computer Engineering Department.

      The S-2 program managed by FTI has 5 (five) programs, namely :

      •  Mechanical Engineering
      •  Electrical Engineering
      •  Chemical Engineering
      •  Industrial Engineering
      •  Technical Information

    • 1995
      FTI opened another D-3 program, Engineering Physics – Instrumentation and changed D-3 Electrical Engineering to D-3 Electrical Engineering – Computer Control
    • 1997
      The Faculty of Industrial Technology – ITS in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower held a Diploma-3 program with two fields of study, namely:

      Industrial and Electrical Production Machinery.

    • 1996
      In order to improve the quality of Indonesian Human Resources, especially the existing workforce in Indonesia and equal distribution of education, especially in Eastern Indonesia (IBT), the Faculty of Industrial Technology – ITS provides opportunities for those who work to study at ITS through the Extension Education Program. Thus under this FTI there are 4 (four) extension management programs, namely:

      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Electrical Engineering
      • Chemical Engineering
      • Industrial Engineering

    • 1999
      FTI – ITS opens a new program at the Strata-1 level, namely

      Material Engineering Study Program.

    • 2001
      The Extension Program for Engineering Physics and Informatics Engineering was opened in 2000/2001, as well as D-3 Chemical Engineering Extensions opened in the same year.

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