Our Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Referring to ITS Vision, FTSLK Vision is:Supporting ITS to become a university that has an international reputation in science and technology especially that support environmentally friendly industry and marine development.


Referring to ITS Mission, FTSLK Mission is:To contribute to the development of science and technology for the society’s welfare through education, research, community service, and management based on information and communication technology.

Educational Mission

  1. To organize information and communication technology-based higher education with international-quality curriculums, lecturers and methods;
  2. To produce graduates who are faithful to God Almighty, possess moral and noble character; and
  3. To equip graduates with technological-based entrepreneurship

Research Mission

Actively playing role in the development of science and technology especially in the field of environment and settlement, energy, as well as information and communication technology that are environmentally friendly through international quality research.

Community Service Mission

Utilizing resources to actively involved in solving problems faced by society, industry, central government, and local government by employing information and communication technology.

Management Mission

  1. Performing management by considering good organizational principle, supported by information and communication technology;
  2. Creating conducive situation that fully supports students, lecturers and staffs to self-develop, and to contribute to society, industry, science and technology; and
  3. To develop a network to synergize with other universities, industry, society, central government, and local government in conducting education, research and community service.


  1. Referring to ITS Objectives, below are FTSLK objectives:
    1. To educate the nation, grow and strengthen the unity of the nation based on values, academic ethics, moral, and faith in the God Almighty;
    2. To educate, develop students capability to produce graduates who excel in technology, independent and possess noble character, professional and ethical, responsible and with integrity, as well as capable of self-development to compete in national and international level;
    3. To develop quality science and technology for the development in national, regional, and international scale based on high ethics, integrity, creativity, innovation and excellence.
    4. To develop synergy by establishing cooperation with other universities, society, industry, central government, local government as well as other national and international institution based on ethics, integrity, utilitarian and mutually beneficial;
    5. To create academic atmosphere that cultivates appreciative, participative and contributive attitude of all FTSLK civitas academia, by upholding value system and academic moral in order to establish dynamic and harmonic academic environment;
    6. To realize FTSLK as part of ITS which is a centre for the development of science and technology in the field of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, and Geophysics Engineering that support the development of environmentally friendly infrastructure.

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