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FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING, ENVIRONMENTAL AND GEO ENGINEERING (FTSLK) Dean : I.D.A.A Warmadewanthi ST., MT., PhD.Deputy : Budi Suswanto S.T., M.T., Ph.D. FACULTY COMMISSION OF CONSIDERATIONKPF consists of Head of Departments and lecturer representation from Professors and non-Professors.Head of KPF: Ir. Hera Widyastuti, MT., Ph.DSecretary of KPF: Dr. Ir. Muhammad Taufik DEPARTMENT ON FTSLK:Department of Civil Engineering Head of Department           : Tri Joko Wahyu Adi, ST., MT., Ph.DSecretary of Department    : Supani, ST., MT.Department of Environmental EngineeringHead of Department           : Adhi Yuniarto, ST. MT. PhDSecretary of Department    : Arseto Yekti Bagastyo, ST, MT, MPhil, PhDDepartment of Geomatics EngineeringHead of Department           : Mokhamad Nur Cahyadi, ST., MSc., PhD.Secretary of Departement  : Khomsin, ST., MT.Department of Geophysics EngineeringHead of Department           : Dr. Widya Utama, DEASecretary of Department    : Moh. Singgih Purwanto, SSi. MTThe detail of each position’s responsibility and function can be downloaded here [link].

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