Dean's Forward

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Welcome to the official website of the Faculty of Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering (Fakultas Teknik Sipil, Lingkungan dan Kebumian, FTSLK). This faculty was initially part of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan, FTSP) dan officially became a new faculty in 2017 based on the Rector’s Regulation No.10, 2016 Regarding ITS’ Organization and Working Procedure.

FTSLK consists of four Departments: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, and Geophysics Engineering. All Department under this faculty possesses competency that supports ITS targets to achieve World Class University, National Contribution and Organizational Transformation. FTSLK also a home for the Departments that produce the best graduates that are highly competent in their field.

We would like to welcome you to find information on our official website and hope that it will be beneficial. We are sure that the information delivery in this website is not perfect, therefore your constructive criticism and suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Warmadewanthi- Dean of FTSLK ITS