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About Faculty of FTSLK

Faculty of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (Fakultas Teknik Sipil, Lingkungan dan Kebumian, FTSLK), which was initially part of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, holds competencies in various fields that support sustainable and environmentally friendly national strategic development. This faculty was formally founded in 2017 based on Rector’s Regulation No.10, 2016 Regarding ITS’ Organization and Working Procedure. In accordance with ITS’ targets, FTSLK together with departments within it, aims to become internationally recognized in academic, research and innovative technology to actualize world-class university and to contribute to national development. To do so, FTSLK closely cooperate with international universities and research centers in academic and research field.


Departments under FTSLK offer nationally accredited Bachelor (S1), Master (S2), and Doctoral (S3) programs. Most of those programs have been awarded highest level of accreditation (A Accreditation) by BAN‑PT, Indonesian national accreditation agency for higher education.    Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering have even been internationally accredited by AUN-QA Accreditation.Bachelor programs, with the degree of B.Eng, consist of 144 credits that need to be finished in 8 semesters, while Master programs entail 36 credits in 4 semesters to obtain M.Eng degree. As for Doctoral programs, it consist of 40 credits that need to be finished in 6 semesters. Doctoral students with different educational background from the study program taken are required to take additional 12 credits (52 credits in total).To create dynamic academic atmosphere, ITS continuously creates students-encouraging programs, such as providing funding supports, nine billion Rupiahs on average every year, distributed to students in the form of tuition reduction and scholarships.

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