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Business Management Departement Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (MB-ITS) established in 2011 and become one of favorites programs. This program aims to prepare and educates the future business leaders which innovative and capable to combine theory and business practice, as well as technology developments.Although new department in ITS, it has 9 high-quality lecture. In its learning process, lecture team uses problem-based learning method and Lab Based education which can give a unique experience about the real condition in the entrepreneur and take a critical decision. The lecture often becomes advisor and examiner in Monev towards National Scientific Weeks Scientific and a lot of students participated in it successfully.Learning method in this department is Problem Based Learning and Lab Based Education, that gives students unique experience about real entrepreneurship and makes a critical decision. Learning process system through in class, tutorial, practice, and case study aims to prepare students not only understand about theory but also apply it to the real problem. This department also gives an opportunity for students to get internship program. Its program aims to give students hands-on experience for facing real problems in business. Students of business management ITS also have a chance to join dual degree program which collaborates with The University of Queensland, Australia.Graduates from business management ITS will get job opportunities such as technopreneur, businessman, manager iv various industry: manufacture, energy, transportation, chemical, retail, services company, multimedia, finance, HR, marketing, accounting, business consultant and etc in national or multinational company.

Undergraduate Programs (S1) – Business ManagementThis program gives theory and concept about business management, marketing management, operational management, human resources management, finance management, problem-solving and also business responsibility for social and environment. Graduates expected to be able to plan, decision making, briefing, controlling, and evaluation based on analysis and accurate information.Dual Degree Undergraduate Programs (S1) – Business ManagementBusiness management ITS (MB-ITS) proudly offers a prestigious dual degree program in business management with The University of Queensland (UQ) Australia. Students will have their first three semesters at ITS, second three semesters ar UQ Australia, and back to ITS to finish last two semester and do the final project. After that, graduates will have two degrees i.e Sarjana Manajemen (SM) from ITS and Bachelor of Business Management (BBusMan) from UQ.

Research topic in Business Management Department ITS is entrepreneurship and strategy analysis and business. This department also accepts research service and consultation for industry or other institution that needs it. This department also has a collaboration with research institutes such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), International Labour Organization (ILO), Monash University, and Barbara Hardy Research Institute.

Business Management Department ITS have been done a collaboration with international university and research institution, such as Japan International Cooperation Agency  (JICA), International Labour Organization (ILO), Monash University, dan Barbara Hardy Research Institute.Collaboration with business expertise also done by business management department ITS such as guest lecture from Thammasat University Thailand, Monash University and sharing session with E-Commerce,

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