Interior Design

Design That Preserve The Environment and National Culture

In the Department of Interior Design, students will learn to develop the interior as well as the existing furniture to create an aesthetic, comfortable, and safe interior for residential owners and users of public facilities. They will also be taught how to understand the human needs towards a room, to be sensitive in sensing design elements, and to have good management skills. Later on, after few semesters, students can choose to focus on preferred subject fields according to their interests and talents. Some of the subject fields include Environment and Human Behavior in Building, Building and Technology Science, Building Design and Culture.

To enroll in this department, prospective students must pass the college admission test followed by visual ability test. Future students need to not only have excellent visual skill but also have good problem-solving skill.

This department is supported by qualified lecturers and experts in all things about interior design. Facilities such as laboratories, studios, and library are provided to assist the study activities. Internship service is available for students to enhance their soft and hard skills.

Graduates from this department can enter various fields of work related. Most of the graduates work as consultant, either independently or collaborating with other consultants. In addition, the graduate of this department is in demand for manufacturing industry firms that focus on interior components and residential developers. They also have the opportunity to work in other fields such as academics, banking, hospitality industry, television industry, and others.

Undergraduate Program

This program will provide courses in accordance to the curriculum of 2018 – 2023 for undergraduate program (Bachelor Degree) of Interior Design which is divided into two parts, namely the preparatory and undergraduate courses.

The mission of the department in the field of research is to play an active role in the development of interior design science, especially in the field of eco-interior, transportation, and archipelago through research activities with international quality. Research programs in this Department include the topic of Interior Science, Behavior and Satisfaction of Interior User, Concept and Aesthetics, as well as post-use interior. 

Collaboration programs are also undertaken such as joining works with the association of interior design profession, guest lecture, community, society, and others.

Want to Know More?

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Developing Interior Design and Its Application

Department of Interior Design has the vision to become a study program with  an international reputation in the field of interior design, especially to support the creative industries with environmental and national culture.