Business Management

Business Management

Department of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (MB-ITS) is one of the most favourite and high-prospect business departments in Indonesia. The department offer undergraduate program of Bachelor in Business and Management. The curriculum is designed to equipt students with basic basic knowledge in business and management, problem solving skills, to enable them adapt with rapid changes in the business environment. Using problem based learning and lab based education approaches, this program provides an unique experience to students on how to start, run, manage business, and making efective business decision. The combination of conventional classroom lectures, tutorials, field trips, and case studies allows students not only understand the theory of business and management, but also able to apply theory to solve real problems. Department of Business and Management ITS has been accredited with grade “B” on 2014. The department has a good cooperation with some international universities and research institutions such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), International Labour Organization (ILO), Monash University, and Barbara Hardy Research Institute.


Our department elaborate business and management research fields and concentration on the following areas  :

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human capital management
  • Marketing management
  • Financial management
  • Operations management



Department of Business and Management has two laboratories :

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Medium Enterprises Development
  • Strategy and Business Development



The career options for Graduates from our department are certainly varied and almost limitless, whether you want to explore your entrepreneurial side and start your own business, or just be a part of the company. Possible career opportunities for our graduates :

  • Business owner/entrepreneur
  • Manager in manufacturing, energy, transportation, chemical, retail, corporate services, multimedia, banking – both at national and multinational companies
  • Staff in human capital management, marketing, finance, and accounting.
  • Business/management/financial consultant
  • Sales executive
  • Government employee/civil servant