Department of Physics historically was established under the Faculty of Natural Sciences Definitely (FIPIA), and since 1983 has been under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA). The undergraduate program of this department has been accredited since 1999 by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN PT). In 2004, this accreditation has been upgraded into “A” grade. In the year of 2001, The Department of Physics had established a master program, as of 2006, the master program is accredited as B level by BAN PT.

To accommodate the progressive development and application of Physics, this department has been expanded their research areas into 5 groups. These groups are Material Physics, Instrumentation, Physics Theory, Opto-electronics and Applied EM, and Earth Physics.

This development is followed by the establishment of Doctoral program (S3) Physic in the second semester of academic year 2007/2008.

Laboratories in this department are Basic Physics Laboratory, Modern Physics and Waves, Instrumentation Lab, Opto-electronics and Applied EM Lab, Ceramics Lab, Solids Lab, Acoustics Lab, Spectroscopy Lab, Microscopy Lab, Computing Laboratory, Multimedia Lab, Earth Physics and Physics Theory laboratory.

Job opportunities for Physics graduates are in industry, government, education (teachers, teacher), research institutions, and consultant areas.