Optimistic to Create Education Staff's Character through LATSAR

As an effort to support ITS as World Class University, the Directorate Human Resource & Organization has prepared a Character Building Activities for 62 New Education Staff

Basic Training of ITS Non-PNS Permanent Employees 2022 is an activity organized by the Directorate of Human Resources and Organizations. Basic Training of ITS Non-PNS Employee Candidates or also known as LATSAR aims as a forum for building the character of ITS new employees who are ethical, with integrity, creative, innovative, oriented to quality and excellent service, have high fighting power and cooperation, togetherness and social responsibility and as an individual who has a heroic spirit.

The number of participants was 62 people consisting of 21 male participants and 41 female participants. LATSAR ITS 2022 is the fifth activity and held by offline after the previous 2 years was held by online using the Zoom Meeting application.

In the LATSAR ITS, there are several training subjects provided to participants to support the achievement of the activity objectives, namely: State Defense Behavior, Employee Basic Values, Institutions, Personal Development, General Technical Skills, Self-Actualization, and Strengthening Substantive Technical Competencies .

The resource persons delivering Basic Training learning materials come from ITS internal and external sources who are competent in their fields. Several external speakers were presented from the Human Resources Development Agency of East Java Province, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), TNI-AD Korem 084, ESQ – ACT Consulting, PT Sekolah Talk Indonesia, Brilliant Psychology, and other psychologists.

The implementation of LATSAR learning begins on July 25 – August 04, 2022 at the Menara Sains building, 9th Floor, ITS Sukolilo Surabaya campus with lecture methods and group discussions. The National Defense and Character Building activities were held at the Bangkingan Futsal Field with the method of the TNI Korem 084 providing a demonstration of the Marching Practice while maintaining the health protocol then the participants in groups practiced directly in the field.

In addition to receiving materials, participants are also required to actualize themselves in their respective work units by making an Innovation Action Plan that can be implemented. The RAI made will be presented and will be used as an evaluation material for the graduation of LATSAR participants for Non-PNS ITS 2022. During the LATSAR activity, participants are very enthusiastic, active and have created a high social spirit with their colleagues.