ICT and Robotics

ICT and Robotics

The Leader of Robot Technology in Indonesia

The Center for ICT and Robotics Studies is a study center under the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM). The Center for ICT and Robotics Studies has a vision of becoming a reputable study center at the national level and is known internationally before 2020. The vision is realized through the provision of research and community service activities in the field of information and communication technology and robotics for lecturers, researchers and ITS student.

1. Basic Laboratory of Mechatronics and Industrial Automation

In this laboratory, there are electronically regulated mechanical devices, including CNCs miniature and plotter machines used to train drill-needle positioning.

2. Sensor Laboratory

The laboratory used to acquire data through various sensors. Transform non-electronic information into electronic, analogous electricity into digital, in a technical language known as a transducer.

3. Application Manufacturing Laboratory

There are several robots in the manufacturing application lab. Among these are manufacturing miniature robots in industry, robot commands from one center, and others.

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Center for ICT and Robotics has some excellent research activities to support the development of information technology, communication, and robotics in Indonesia. The excellent research activities is divided into two funding sources, which are derived from industry cooperation and also local funds of ITS.

From cooperation with industry, leading research topics for the 2016-2019 are as follows:

1. Research and Development of Robot and Oil and Gas drilling support equipment.
2. Research and Development Robots flying without a crew
3. Research and Platform Intelligent Transportation System In Smart-City Framework
4. Research and Development of CNC-mini under the management of ITS-MMTDC in cooperation with CNC Controller Indonesia

While leading research derived from ITS local funds are as follows:

ICT Field

  1. Development of On-Board Unit Devices (OBU) and Variable Messaging Features to Support Smart Transportation System Implementation, Chairman Dr. Ir. Ach Affandi, value: Rp. 100.000.000, –
  2. Development of Testbed Traffic Management Center (TMC) for Monitoring and Arrangement of Public Transport at Center for ICT and Robotics, Chairman: Dr. Ketut Edy Purnama, value: Rp. 125,000,000,
  3. Development of Revenue Management System for Public Transport on Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Chairman: Dr. Endroyono, value: Rp. 100.000.000, –
  4. Intelligent Mobility Development Through Utilization of Simulation Model and Information Technology to Support Smart City, Chairman: Dr. Erma Suryani, value: Rp. 75.000.000, –

Field of Robotics

  1. Development of Flying Robots for Mapping Areas with Hybrid Power (ethanol fuel and solar panels), Chairman: Dr. Hery Suryo Atmojo, value: Rp 100.000.000, –
  2. Research activities using ITS local funds from the Center for ICT and Robotics have resulted in one patent, six proceedings in an international conference, three international journals, and three prototypes.

Besides actively conducting research, the Center ICT and Robotics also organizes activities to ground the robotics world to the public. Among the social activities undertaken are:

1. International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics, Intelligent Manufacture, and Industrial Automation (ICAMIMIA), 12-14 October 2017.

Technical Supporting: IEEE Indonesia section
Sponsored: ITS, ITS 57th Anniversary, PUI-PT MIA-RC ITS, ITS ICT Center and Robotics

2. Industrial Automation and Robotics Competition (IARC 2017, 7-9 April 2017

Host: ICT and Robotics Center ITS and D3 Electrical Engineering
Sponsored: Robokids, Autonic, Event Surabaya, Campuspedia, Jatim Media

3. Siemens SciTech Competition 2017 – ITS, 9-11 October 2017

Host: PUI-PT MIA-RC ITS and Center for ICT and Robotics Studies
Sponsored: Siemens Indonesia

The Center for ICT and Robotics has collaborated with various partners from both industry and academic sectors. Some agencies that are partners of the Center for ICT and Robotics are as follows:

1. CNC Controller Indonesia, Bekasi
2. Bhimasena Research and Development, Jatinangor
3. Astra WINTEQ, Cibinong
4. Siemens Indonesia, Jakarta
5. Rockwell Automation, Jakarta
6. Winindo Karya Dinamika, Jakarta
7. Autonics Indonesia, Jakarta
8. OMRON Indonesia, Jakarta
9. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia, Jakarta
10. Sumber Makmur Sejati Sejahtera, Surabaya
11. Ajisaka Sains Teknologi dan Rekayasa, Surabaya
12. SmartTech, Surabaya
13. PT Boma Bisma Indra, Pasuruan
14. PT Garam, Surabaya
16. PT Industrial Robotic Automation, Surabaya
17. Robokidz, Surabaya
18. National Instruments, Jakarta
19. Autodesk-AutoCAD, Jakarta
20. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan –China
21. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
22. National Taiwan University, Taipe-Taiwan
23. La Trobe University, Australia
24. University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia

Center for ICT and Robotics
Center for Robotics Building, Jalan Teknik Kimia,
ITS Sukolilo Campus, Surabaya 60111
Phone: (031) 58253565
Website: http://robotics.its.ac.id/