Department Course

Department Course

Students of Undergraduate Programme of Urban and Regional Planning are required to fulfill 144 credits consisted of 136 credits compulsory courses, 9 credits elective courses within 4 years. List of the courses that held by Undergraduate Programme of Urban and Regional Planning are:

1st Semester

  1. Planning Statistics [Course Detail]
  2. Nature and Environmental Resources [Course Detail]
  3. Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning [Course Detail]

2nd Semester

  1. Social Systems and Population [Course Detail]
  2. Introduction to Built Environment [Course Detail]
  3. Planning Process [Course Detail]
  4. Planning Computation [Course Detail]

3rd Semester

  1. Planning Information Systems [Course Detail]
  2. Transportation System [Course Detail]
  3. Land Use Planning [Course Detail]
  4. Planning Analysis Method [Course Detail]
  5. Urban Design Theory and Urban Morphology [Course Detail]
  6. Planning Process Practice [Course Detail]

4th Semester

  1. Site Planning [Course Detail]
  2. Regional and Urban Infrastructure [Course Detail]
  3. Urban Planning [Course Detail]
  4. Location and Spatial Pattern Analysis [Course Detail]
  5. Urban Economics [Course Detail]
  6. Applied Transportation Planning [Course Detail]

5th Semester

  1. Regional Planning [Course Detail]
  2. Urban Design
  3. Research Method [Course Detail]
  4. Coastal Planning [Course Detail]
  5. Regional Economics [Course Detail]
  6. Urban Planning Practice [Course Detail]

6th Semester

  1. Regional Planning Practice [Course Detail]
  2. Community Development [Course Detail]
  3. Housing and Settlement [Course Detail]
  4. Coastal Planning Practice [Course Detail]

7th Semester

  1. Internship [Course Detail]
  2. Seminar [Course Detail]

8th Semester

  1. Final Project [Course Detail]
  2. Planning Law and Administration [Course Detail]
  3. Planning Evaluation Techniques [Course Detail]
  4. Development Financing [Course Detail]


  1. Project Management [Course Detail]
  2. Tourism Planning [Course Detail]
  3. Disaster Risk Management [Course Detail]
  4. Problems on Urban and Regional Development [Course Detail]
  5. Environmental Management [Course Detail]
  6. Sustainable Development [Course Detail]
  7. Urban and Settlement Renewal [Course Detail]
  8. Regional Development Management [Course Detail]
  9. Planning Theory [Course Detail]
  10. Rural Planning [Course Detail]
  11. Urban Sociology [Course Detail]
  12. Conflict Management [Course Detail]
  13. Integrated Coastal Planning Management [Course Detail]
  14. Development-Impact Cost Analysis  [Course Detail]
  15. Urban Transportation Management [Course Detail]
  16. Land Use Modelling [Course Detail]
  17. Community Development [Course Detail]
  18. Local Economic Development [Course Detail]
  19. Building and Environment Planning [Course Detail]

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