Proudly, FT-EIC students managed to become one of the 2022 ITS Mawapres Finalists

Mon, 06 Feb 2023
3:48 pm
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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Nur Aida Febrianti (wearing black veil in the middle) along with other ITS Mawapres finalists

A proud achievement was achieved by one of the students from the Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology, Nur Aida Febrianti, who became the only student from FT-EIC who made it into the 5 finalists for Mawapres Institute Level in the Undergraduate Field. This news was shared by Ditmawa ITS through an Instagram post which was uploaded on December 27.

Initially, the student who is often called Aida joined the Mawapres because of a recommendation from one of her friends in the association. “Initially I got this information from a friend in the association, and he suggested that I participate in this Mawapres,” said Aida.

He further explained that from elementary to high school he was interested and had been active as an outstanding student at his school before, and he said that at first he was hesitant to participate in this Mawapres but he finally chose to maximise the opportunities that existed by participating in Mawapres.

When asked about the obstacles and also the things that she remembers the most during the selection process, Aida said that during the semester break she was only at home for 1 week, the rest she spent in Surabaya. Aida explained that the selection process she underwent went through many challenges, where Mawapres demanded that the finalists not only excel in academics but must be active in community service, organisation and also in the selection process the participants must come up with creative ideas. In addition, the deadline given for making creative ideas is quite short, which is approximately 1 week to complete creative ideas. In addition, there was a sudden notification less than 24 hours later that the presentation was being delivered in 2 languages, namely Indonesian and English. “So I was just preparing for the English presentation, but on D-1 I was informed that the presentation was also in Indonesian,” said this Information Systems Department student.

Explained by Aida, her choice to be one of the finalists initially made her excited and when asked if she was optimistic about becoming the ITS Mawapres she said that she was quite optimistic and of course she would continue to do her best if she was later elected and in accordance with her internal motto, Do my best, keep her calm in every process by sticking to his principles and always doing his best when he has the chance.

Lastly regarding Aida’s resolution, in the future she hopes not only to have and expand her relationships with fellow ITS students, she wants to build relationships with the outside community. Apart from that, Aida also shared that she has dreams and aspirations to become a lecturer later and mentioned that a lecturer is the ideal that she will bring and will be realized in the future.

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