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29 May 2020
Launching of Study Program Dashboard and Socialization of myITS Presence

On February 10, 2020, DPTSI introduced a new service, the Study Program Dashboard, and was followed by socialization related...

11 Feb 2020
ITS & Microsoft Azure Gives $100 Credits free for Lecturer and Students

Dear Mr / Ms Head of Department, Please pass this information on to lecturers and students in...

29 Aug 2019
Halal bi halal and Sillaturahim

On June 11, 2019, halal bi halal events at the Rectorate for units under Field III namely: SDMO, DPTSI...

26 Jun 2019

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This is an academic support service provided to assist all activities of the academic community.

This is a service that provides domains and hosting for the needs of departments, units, student and UKM organizations in ITS. For more details, click the link below.

Internet services use Single Sign On (SSO) with one login using integra username, then we also provide VPN access for users who access the ITS network from outside.

This is a service for lecturers, students and students who need software, we have provided a portal for downloading and using licensed, open source and free software.

As the director of information system developers, we also provide SIM and Mobile Apps manufacturing services, for more details please click on the menu below.

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