Mojokerto City Social Virtue Index in 2021 Increases

Sun, 06 Feb 2022
10:23 pm

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the Center for the Study of Regional Potential and Community Empowerment (PDPM) of the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) of ITS Surabaya submitted the final report on the preparation of the Mojokerto City Social Piety Index (IKS) in 2021 to the Mojokerto City Government Communication and Information Office. The presentation was held in the Room of the Head of Encryption and Statistical Data of the Communication and Informatics Service, Graha Mojokerto Service City (GSMC) Building. This presentation was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Social Service, the Ministry of Religion, representatives of the City of Mojokerto, and Bakesbang of the City of Mojokerto.

The presentation was delivered by the Deputy Head of the PDPM Study Center, Dr. Soedarso, Imam Syafawai, M.Si and Drs. Zainul Muhibbin, M. Fil. I. Dr. Soedarso conveyed the preparation of the Mojokerto City IKS based on the reference from the Letter of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) of the Republic of Indonesia KMA No. 656 of 2017 concerning MoRA performance indicators. This index describes the level of social piety of religious people. There are three indexes measured, namely the social solidarity index, tolerance and public order/stability. Social solidarity is measured from 3 indicators, namely caring, giving and cooperation/gotong royong. Tolerance is measured from 3 indicators, namely respecting differences, not imposing values ​​and not insulting different values. Public order/stability is measured by 3 indicators, namely (1) prevention of conflict and social violence (maintaining order), (2) involvement of democracy and good governance and (3) environmental maintenance and improvement. The analysis method for the preparation of the IKS uses the analysis of the relationship between the indexes, the structural equation model (SEM). This analysis measures the relationship between knowledge and attitudes/behaviors. Respondents were selected based on the proportion of respondents in each sub-district, religion and type of work.

Imam Syafawi, M.Sc. deliver the results of the 2021 Mojokerto IKS

IKS Mojokerto City in 2021 has an achievement of 91.90. An increase of 15.70 compared to IKS in 2020 (76.20). Several factors that are suspected to be the cause of the increase in IKS achievement are as follows: (1) There is a synergy between the Mojokerto City Government and the Religious Communication Forum (FKUB) in the harmony village program as a model for tolerance and social awareness of the community, (2) City government friendship activities, forkopimda together with interfaith communities to strengthen the social development of the community, (3) The award received by the Mojokerto City Government, namely the Harmony Award from the Ministry of Religion as an appreciation of the harmony of religious life and the Cultural Award award from the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI).

Siti Noor ‘Aini SH, MM Head of the Data Processing and Statistical Section of the Mojokerto City Diskominfo expressed his gratitude for the submission of the IKS report from ITS. Hopefully, the increase in IKS’s achievements will reflect the condition of the people of Mojokerto City. Not the result of engineering or orders from the OPD or the Mayor. The Social Service said that in 2020 many programs and activities from the OPD including the Social Service were delayed or deleted due to budget refocusing for handling the COVID-19 pandemic. So that the IKS achievement in 2020 is only 79.20. In 2021, many programs and activities will be carried out that support the improvement of the Mojokerto City IKS. Among them are the blessing Friday program in each OPD, echelon II officials must have foster children and social activities in the context of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Bakesbangpol Mojokerto said that several programs were also implemented and supported the improvement of IKS. Among them are the jamboree of mass organizations, the harmony village program in Jagalan Village. All of these contribute to the improvement of the Mojokerto City IKS in 2021.

Dr. Sutikno, Head of PDPM ITS said that the achievement of the Mojokerto City IKS which was high at 91.90 was the result of a survey and portrait of the condition of the people of Mojokerto City. When there is a high increase, the ITS team verifies the data from the survey and crosschecks to the field. As a result, the increase in IKS achievement in 2021 is reasonable and in accordance with community conditions. The achievements of the Mojokerto City IKS in 2021 are in line with the awards received by the Mayor of Mojokerto in the fields of tolerance and culture. Namely the Harmoni Award from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia and the Cultural Award from PWI.

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