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ITS Advances Position in QS WUR 2025 Rankings

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Tren pemeringkatan ITS pada QS WUR dari tahun ke tahun

ITS ranking trends on QS WUR from year to year

ITS Campus, ITS News — Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) continues its efforts to enhance its international capacity. It is proven that ITS becomes the 585th largest university in the world by the latest Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings (WUR) 2025 released on June 5th.

Senior Manager of World Class University (WCU) ITS Rulli Pratiwi Setiawan ST MSc PhD explains that ITS rankings managed to rise 36 levels from the previous ones at 621 – 630. For this achievement, ITS managed to rank as the 6th best college in Indonesia. “Alhamdulillah besides ITS, as many as 26 colleges in Indonesia managed up the ranking to enter this rating,” she said.

On this achievement, ITS achieved a total score of 21.2, with the details of as follows: Academic Reputation: 17.3; Employer Reputations: 48.9; Faculty Students: 47.8; Citations per Faculty: 1.6; International Faculty Ratio: 47.5; International Students Ratios: 5.3; International Research Network: 12.0; Employment Outcomes: 13.0, and Sustainability: 16.1.

Based on the assessment, the lecturer of ITS Regional and Urban Planning Department said that ITS is still low on the indicator of citations per Faculty and International Research Network . According to her, ITS still needs to undertake various breakthrough strategies in order to improve the quality of research and publication. “By this concern, we also need broader collaboration and cooperation with foreign colleges to enhance this access,” she said.

Tren pemeringkatan ITS pada QS WUR dari tahun ke tahun

ITS ranking trends on QS WUR from year to year

Not only that, Rulli also said to be able to improve Employment Outcomes and Sustainability scores, students are expected to improve achievements in business leaders, international award winners, global Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), or political leaders. “We have increased quite significantly in the Employer Reputation and Faculty Student Ratio indicators,” he said.

In response to a fairly significant rise in ITS rankings, this Ph.D. alumnus of Hiroshima University, Japan is proud. Further, he affirmed that the ranking on the QS WUR 2025 released in 2024 uses the 2023 database for the type of submitted data such as the number of lecturers and number of students.

The rest, for the assessment of citations is calculated based on the publication of journal articles in the indexed journal Scopus in the last five years and the periodicity of the citations in six years. Whereas for the indicators of Academic Reputation and Employer Reputations are calculated within five years. “Congratulations on the access to ITS, hopefully ahead of it ITS can further improve its performance and reputation at the international level,” he added. (ITS PR)


Reporter: Mifda Khoirotul Azma

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