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Promoting Business Acumen, ITS Holds Statistical Business Innovation Exhibition

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M Amir Hamzah, salah satu mahasiswa peserta Pameran Inovasi Bisnis Statistik ITS ketika menjelaskan mengenai inovasi bisnis dari timnya

M Amir Hamzah, one of the students participating in the ITS Statistical Business Innovation Exhibition when explaining the business innovation of his team

ITS Campus, ITS News — In a bid to intensify the application of statistical science in the business field, the Department of Statistics at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is hosting the Statistical Business Innovation Exhibition starting Wednesday, June 19. The event, held at the T Corridor of the ITS Department of Statistics until Friday, June 21, represents a comprehensive implementation of the Merdeka Belajar Curriculum.

Dr. Dra Kartika Fithriasari MSi, Head of the ITS Department of Statistics, explained that the exhibition serves as a platform for conveying business education involving statistical science. Additionally, the event provides practical experience for students enrolled in the Statistical Business Innovation course through showcased projects. “With this exhibition, students can present their innovations to a broader audience,” she stated.

Kepala Departemen Statistika ITS Dr Dra Kartika Fithriasari MSi (berkerudung kuning) saat meninjau Pameran Inovasi Bisnis Statistik

Head of ITS Statistics Department Dr Dra Kartika Fithriasari MSi (yellow hooded) while reviewing the Statistics Business Innovation Exhibition

The Statistical Business Innovation course is a new offering introduced with the Merdeka Belajar Curriculum. In this course, students are required to create a business innovation that is currently in the form of prototypes and business plans. “Here, students exhibit their business designs through prototypes, PowerPoint presentations, posters, and videos uploaded on their respective YouTube channels,” Kartika elaborated.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mashuri MT, Coordinator of the ITS Statistical Business Innovation Exhibition, revealed that the course focuses on two main aspects: identifying business opportunities from statistical data and integrating general business innovations with statistical features. “Statistical business has vast prospects, encompassing areas such as agriculture, stock analysis, disability services, and more,” he noted.

Kepala Departemen Statistika ITS Dr Dra Kartika Fithriasari MSi (tengah) dan Koordinator Pameran Inovasi Bisnis Statistik Prof Dr Muhammad Mashuri MT (dua dari kanan) bersama para dosen Departemen Statistika ITS saat mengunjungi pameran

Head of the ITS Statistics Department Dr Dra Kartika Fithriasari MSi (center) and Statistics Business Innovation Exhibition Coordinator Prof Dr Muhammad Mashuri MT (second from right) with lecturers from the ITS Statistics Department while visiting the exhibition

The three-day exhibition marks an initial step in motivating students to transform their statistical knowledge into business designs. Mashuri added that the top three innovations would receive funding of IDR 10 million per group. “This funding is provided through the support of the Merdeka Belajar Campus Competition Program,” he disclosed.

Undoubtedly, the Statistical Business Innovation Exhibition, as an educational instrument, also imparts relevant positive impacts on students. Mashuri mentioned that students have the potential to further develop their businesses beyond the designs or prototypes displayed at the exhibition. “The hope is that this opportunity will be utilized by students to become graduates who can create job opportunities,” he concluded.

Deretan poster rancangan bisnis hasil karya mahasiswa Departemen Statistika ITS dalam Pameran Inovasi Bisnis Statistik

A row of business design posters created by ITS Statistics Department students at the Statistical Business Innovation Exhibition

The ITS Department of Statistics students have welcomed the exhibition enthusiastically, recognizing it as a means to hone their entrepreneurial skills while applying statistical science. Through this Statistical Business Innovation Exhibition, the ITS Department of Statistics encourages its students to develop more refined business innovations, ultimately benefiting the wider community. (ITS Public Relations)


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