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Friday, June 21, 2024
May 20, 2024 11:05

ITS Nogogeni Team Showcases at the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show 2024

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Tim Nogogeni ITS yang diwakili (dari kiri) Naufal Hedi Arrizky,Yufi Rizky Amalia, Zhiddan Kholid Fanani, Amirul Annas, Firmansyah Permadi Rastanto, dan Bintang Talytha pada pameran Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2024  di Jakarta

The ITS Nogogeni Team, represented by (from left) Naufal Hedi Arrizky, Yufi Rizky Amalia, Zhiddan Kholid Fanani, Amirul Annas, Firmansyah Permadi Rastanto, and Bintang Talytha, at the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2024 exhibition in Jakarta

ITS Campus, ITS News – The energy-efficient car team, Nogogeni, from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) participated in the grand event of the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2024, the largest electric vehicle exhibition in Southeast Asia. The participation of the ITS Nogogeni team in the event held at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, from April 30 to May 5, demonstrates their role in developing the potential of electric vehicles in Indonesia.

Nogogeni ITS Non-Technical Manager, Yufi Rizky Amalia, explained that their team brought two standout creations to the exhibition: an electric motorcycle and an urban electric car. The showcased urban electric car, Nogogeni VIII EVO, and the electric motorcycle, NG 5000, successfully attracted visitors’ attention. “We are very pleased with the positive response from the visitors, which proves that our innovations are truly capable of capturing public interest,” she stated.

Yufi stated that the research team had meticulously prepared everything to participate in this prestigious exhibition. From merchandise to layout design, everything was carefully arranged. The team, consisting of various divisions such as technical, sponsorship, external relations, and creative media, was fully ready to participate in the exhibition.

According to Yufi, the exhibition plays a significant role in accelerating the development of electric vehicles in Indonesia. As the largest exhibition in Southeast Asia specifically showcasing innovations in the electric vehicle industry, PEVS provides a much-needed platform for stakeholders, including the government, industry, academia, and the general public, to interact, share knowledge, and establish partnerships.

Tim Nogogeni ITS bersama President of ASEVA (Asian Federation of Electri Vehicles Association) saat di pameran Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2024 di JakartaThe Nogogeni ITS team with the President of ASEVA (Asian Federation of Electric Vehicles Association) during the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2024 exhibition in Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Amirul Annas, a member of the Nogogeni ITS team, explained that the superiority of Nogogeni electric cars stood out because they used carbon material for their bodies with power sources originating from lithium batteries, thereby providing a unique attraction for visitors. “We are proud that Nogogeni electric cars have become the center of attention at this exhibition due to their innovative design and quality materials,” he said.

Annas further added that another strength of their team’s work is the success of their urban car, which won the Energy-Efficient Car Contest (KMHE) 2024. Specifically, they maintained the first place in the electric urban category for five consecutive years and achieved first place in the ethanol urban category. Meanwhile, the NG 5000 electric motorcycle successfully made it to the top 10 finalists in the PLN Innovation & Competition in Electricity (ICE) contest.

According to Annas, this exhibition provides an opportunity for their team to expand relationships that support research and development in electric vehicle technology. Additionally, it has attracted attention from various important figures.This includes President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, who also took a look at the accomplishments of the Nogogeni ITS team.

Tim Nogogeni bersama Sekjen IKA ITS Ahmad Thonthowi Djauhari (memakai topi) saat mengunjungi pameran Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2024 di JakartaThe Nogogeni team alongside the Secretary General of the ITS Alumni Association, Ahmad Thonthowi Djauhari (wearing a cap), during their visit to the Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2024 exhibition in Jakarta.

This exhibition also provides a valuable opportunity for the Nogogeni team to share experiences and exchange ideas with electric vehicle companies. This interaction is highly valuable as it allows the Nogogeni team to expand their knowledge in the rapidly evolving industry and gain appreciation from various parties, including ministries, governments, and private companies. “We can exchange ideas, learn from their experiences, and broaden our insights in this electric car industry,” added Annas.

The role of this exhibition is very significant for young people and the electric vehicle industry as a whole. In addition to motivating students to continue researching in the development of electric vehicles, this exhibition also inspires them to seek relationships and make their work an inspiration for the community. “Our participation proves the crucial role of young people in the development of the electric vehicle industry,” Yufi added.

The success of the Nogogeni team in garnering support from various parties became one of the memorable moments of this exhibition. “We are committed to continue participating in similar exhibitions in the future to continuously introduce and inspire with our flagship products,” Yufi concluded optimistically. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Nabila Rahadatul Aisy Koestriyaningrum

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