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Inaugurates New Chancellor, ITS Affirms Itself as a Sustainable University

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Rektor ITS Periode 2024-2029 Ir Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD saat penandatanganan serah terima jabatan Rektor ITS

ITS Chancellor for the 2024 2029 Period, Ir Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD, at the handover signing of the position of ITS Chancellor

ITS Campus, ITS News — Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) once again experienced the historic moment of inaugurating the new chancellor for the period 2024 – 2029. In the ceremony held at Graha Sepuluh Nopember ITS on Tuesday (30/4), Ir Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD was officially inaugurated by the Chairman of the ITS Board of Trustees (MWA), replacing Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng, who completed his term in 2024.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the ITS MWA, Prof Dr Ir Mohammad Nuh DEA, emphasized that the transfer of leadership at ITS needed to reflect a change in ITS’s vision and plans for the future. On the contrary, this change is part of a continuous journey to maintain and improve ITS’s existence and reputation at national and international levels.

The former ITS Chancellor for the 2003 – 2007 term, often called Nuh, also expressed his appreciation for Ashari’s dedication during the previous five years as the 12th Chancellor of ITS. Ashari has contributed his best dedication and was even considered to have won the title ‘cum laude’ as chancellor. “Furthermore, this dedication will be passed on to new leadership for the continuity and stability of ITS in carrying out its mission and vision for the future,” he said.

Rektor ITS periode 2024 – 2029 Ir Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD saat diambil sumpahnya dalam acara Pelantikan Rektor ITS di Graha Sepuluh Nopember ITS

ITS chancellor for the period 2024 – 2029 Ir Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD when taking the oath at the Inauguration of the ITS Chancellor at Graha Sepuluh Nopember ITS

Furthermore, Nuh advised the new chancellor to continue making ITS a man of ideas and to innovate and create new ideas that produce achievements. The achievements must be based on ITS’s heroic values towards society, with innovations that can positively impact the surrounding environment.

Regarding the superior programs he launched as the new chancellor, Bambang Pramujati said he would adapt them to the ITS Development Master Plan (RENIP) that had been created. In its planning, some of the superior programs are strengthening regulations, increasing research, and integrating higher education services. “The plan to transform ITS into an industrial hub in the field of innovation has also begun to be discussed,” said Bambang.

Penyerahan kalung jabatan rektor oleh Ketua Majelis Wali Amanat ITS Prof Dr Ir Mohammad Nuh DEA kepada Rektor Baru ITS Periode 2024 - 2029

Handover of the chancellor’s collar by the Chairman of ITS Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Ir Mohammad Nuh DEA, to the new chancellor of ITS for 2024 – 2029

The former ITS Deputy Chancellor IV for Research, Innovation, Cooperation, and Alumni also conveyed several recorded tasks that will be followed up immediately to improve ITS performance in the future. He emphasized his commitment to continue strengthening collaboration from various sectors to perfect the vision of ITS as an innovation campus, which has been implemented since 2019 until the target of 2030.

The success of the new ITS Chancellor’s inauguration event was also evident from the presence of several invited guests. Support from various sectors, including the government, educational institutions, industrial partners, and collaborating companies, shows a shared commitment to developing ITS as a quality educational and research institution.

(dari kiri) Rektor ke-13 ITS, Ir Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD dan Rektor ke-12 ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng dalam penyerahan dokumen serah terima jabatan sebagai Rektor ITS

(from left) ITS 13th Chancellor, Ir Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD, and ITS 12th Chancellor, Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng in handing over documents for the handover of position as ITS Chancellor

Meanwhile, at the press conference, Ashari emphasized the importance of continuity of leadership in carrying out ITS’ superior programs. According to him, the leadership transfer at ITS was part of a natural process in institutional development.

He welcomed the MWA policy, which carefully planned ITS’s future vision and mission. This ensures that existing programs such as the Science Techno Park (STP), Living Lab, and student scholarships will continue and be developed even better in the next term of management.

With this approach, ITS is expected to consistently contribute significantly to the world of education and research. The Chancellor of ITS for the 2019 – 2024 period believes that this continuity will strengthen ITS’s position as an influential educational institution and expand its positive impact on society. “This transfer of leadership will hopefully continue the planned program’s journey, ” said Ashari. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Lathifah Sahda
Translator: Lael Soebakir

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