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MediTwin, a Metaverse-Based Medical Handling System Proposed by ITS Students

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Komponen-komponen pendukung metaverse yang terdapat dalam MediTwin, gagasan tim mahasiswa ITS

The metaverse supporting components contained in MediTwin, the brainchild of a team of ITS students

ITS Campus, ITS News – To digitize and improve medical handling in Indonesia, a student team from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has innovated a personalized medicine healthcare system based on the metaverse named MediTwin. This system was created to achieve an effective, efficient, and zero-error healthcare system.

Firza Aji Zunaarta, the team leader, mentioned that currently, health cases in Indonesia are mostly handled generically using the same dosage of medication. However, not everyone has the same genetics and lifestyle, which often causes new problems for individuals. “That’s why we are adopting the concept of personalized medicine in MediTwin,” he explained.

Furthermore, Firza elaborated that personalized medicine is a medical action tailored to each individual. He stated that with this concept, medical failures will be minimized due to adjustments made for patients. “Personalized medicine will consider a combination of medications and treatments appropriate to the patient’s background,” said the student from the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Additionally, the team, mentored by Eko Agus Suprayitno SSi MT, has also initiated the integration of a medical database in MediTwin. Firza explained that medical record data is a crucial point in handling health cases. “Currently, medical data in Indonesia is not yet integrated with each other, even though a database can assist in patient care,” stated the young man from Tulungagung.

Salah satu anggota tim, Isabelle Jessica Tjitalaksana, memperkenalkan gagasan timnya berupa sistem penanganan medis berbasis metaverse bernama MediTwin

One of the team members, Isabelle Jessica Tjitalaksana, introduced her team’s idea in the form of a metaverse-based medical treatment system called MediTwinTechnically, Firza explained that medical record data would be linked to each individual’s identity, such as their National Identity Card (KTP). Eventually, information such as disease history and medical treatments will be visible in each individual’s personal data. From these medical records, MediTwin can create models so that medical professionals can see the most suitable model for the patient.

He added that the use of the metaverse in MediTwin aims to minimize the risk of patient failures. MediTwin has a simulation feature to determine the success rate, side effects, and recommended medications for patient care. These simulations cover treatments from mild to complex using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Tim mahasiswa ITS yang tergabung dalam PKM-GFT saat berdiskusi mengenai gagasan MediTwin

A team of ITS students who are members of PKM-GFT discussing the idea of MediTwin

Another team member, Benedicta Sabdaningtyas Pratita Pratanjana, added that MediTwin would evolve gradually over a 10-year period. Data integration and metaverse development are the primary foundations for MediTwin to be successfully implemented. “Moreover, government support is also needed in forming regulations and expanding the network in Indonesia,” she said.

With their idea, this team of four students from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at ITS has successfully won a bronze medal in the presentation category for the Student Creativity Program – Futuristic Written Idea (PKM-GFT) at the 36th National Scientific Week (Pimnas) in 2023. Representing her team, Dicta hopes that the healthcare handling system in Indonesia can be more effective and utilize technology to minimize errors. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Muhammad Aulia Zikra

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