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At 19 Years Old, Giselle Was Confirmed as The Youngest Graduate at ITS

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Penyerahan ijazah sarjana kepada wisudawan termuda ITS, Giselle Hage, oleh Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng pada prosesi hari kedua Wisuda ke-129 ITS

Delivery of undergraduate diplomas to the youngest ITS graduate, Giselle Hage, by ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng on the second day of the ITS 129th Graduation Ceremony

ITS Campus, ITS News — Even at 19 years and 9 months old, Giselle Hage was officially confirmed as the youngest graduate at the 129th Graduation Ceremony of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). Even though they are still young, this does not prevent the graduates from the ITS Electrical Engineering Department from being able to graduate first and will graduate on the second day of the event, Sunday (21/4).

Starting education at a young age, Giselle said that she has received elementary school (SD) since she was 4 years old at SD Dabasah 2 Bondowoso. This cannot be separated from his ability to master reading and counting skills at an early age. “At that time, the rules regarding the minimum age were not very strict, so you could be registered as an elementary school student at a young age,” said Giselle.

This alumnus of Jember 1 State High School (SMA) said that at every level of his education, he was always the youngest student among his peers. However, this does not prevent him from adapting quickly and developing his potential. Proficient in physics, Giselle has enjoyed exploring microcontroller devices since high school. This was also the basis for his decision to register with the ITS Electrical Engineering Department.

Wisudawan Departemen Teknik Elektro ITS Giselle Hage sebagai wisudawan termuda pada gelaran Wisuda ke-129 ITS

ITS Electrical Engineering Department graduate Giselle Hage was the youngest graduate at the 129th ITS Graduation Ceremony

His interest in this control system was outlined in his final project, entitled Multiagent Task Distribution Control towards Multitargets with Obstacle Avoidance Using an Artificial Potential Field. “Basically, this research regulates how the system makes decisions automatically based on the given conditions,” explained the daughter of the late Iwan Sugiharto and Tryphena Hage.

Furthermore, Giselle revealed that the multiagent she was developing was in the form of seven drones, each of which had four propellers or was called a quadcopter. By taking into account distance and speed factors, each drone will consider how to reach the target based on artificial terrain. This research utilizes the repulsion and attraction given to agents, targets, and existing obstacles.Giselle Hage (kedua dari kanan) saat membimbing praktikum di Laboratorium Sistem dan Sibernetika Departemen Teknik Elektro ITSGiselle Hage (second from right) while guiding a practicum in the Systems and Cybernetics Laboratory of the ITS Electrical Engineering Department

Graduating with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.71, the youngest of three siblings revealed that his family and colleagues were his motivation and enthusiasm for studying. In addition, the Fast Track scholarship he received to continue his studies at the ITS Control Systems Engineering Master’s Program encouraged him to complete his studies more quickly.

This graduate, born in Bondowoso on July 16, 2004, is also active in the ITS Electrical Engineering Student Association (Himatektro) in the field of professional sciences. Giselle expressed her desire to be able to contribute to improving professional skills for electrical engineering students. “I enjoy academic things and want to be of benefit to those around me,” said Giselle.

Giselle Hage (kedua dari kanan bawah) bersama para pengurus Himatektro ITS

Giselle Hage (second from bottom right) with Himatektro ITS administrators

His enjoyment of providing academic benefits was also demonstrated when he was a laboratory assistant. In his third year of college, he joined the Systems and Cybernetics Laboratory of the ITS Electrical Engineering Department as a practical assistant. Together with her colleagues, Giselle guides and provides practical tools for students.

Giselle expressed her hope that the experience she gained while studying could help her in her future career journey. He is determined to remain consistent in developing his potential so that he can be useful in his field of knowledge. “While continuing my studies at ITS, I will continue to develop myself at this place (ITS, ed.),” she concluded. (ITS Public Relations)


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