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ITS Professor: Combating Indonesian Maritime Disruptions

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Prof Ir Raja Oloan Saut Gurning ST MSc PhD CMarTech saat menyampaikan orasi ilmiahnya mengenai manajemen disrupsi dalam logistik maritim Indonesia

Prof Ir Raja Oloan Saut Gurning ST MSc PhD CMarTech when delivering his scientific oration regarding disruption management in Indonesian maritime logistics

ITS Campus, ITS News —Innovations are needed to face complex challenges in maritime trade operations in Indonesia. Responding to this, the 201st Professor of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Prof. Ir Raja Oloan Saut Gurning ST MSc PhD CMarTech, studied in more depth the analysis related to management in the field of maritime logistics risk.

Through his inaugural scientific oration as a professor, Disruption Management Based on Propagation and Resonance of Indonesian Maritime Logistics Risk, Saut highlighted the importance of managing positive and negative changes. In detail, Saut explained that positive changes encourage innovation to normalize the situation and create progress, while unfavorable changes can be a source of risk.

Saut highlights the importance of managing change and offers innovative solutions for maritime disruption management. This concept helps understand the various risks of disrupting maritime operations in the maritime logistics system. “By understanding this risk, we can develop appropriate strategies to anticipate and reduce its negative impacts,” explained the ITS Department of Marine Engineering professor.

Prof Ir Raja Oloan Saut Gurning ST MSc PhD CMarTech menunjukkan peta komprehensif yang dikembangkannya untuk mengelola disrupsi dalam logistik maritim

Prof Ir Raja Oloan Saut Gurning ST MSc PhD CMarTech shows the comprehensive map he developed to manage disruption in maritime logistics

This concept has been applied directly to mitigate and adapt risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also collaborated with the Research and Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation, several shipping companies, and port operators in Indonesia to solve the problem of the scarcity of ships and empty containers. “In the 2021-2022 period, maritime trade could not be separated from the impact of COVID-19, which was rampant at that time,” he said.

The Head of the Postgraduate Study Program (Prodi) of the ITS Department of Marine Engineering emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in dealing with these risks. Innovation in management and operations and cooperation between various maritime entities are crucial to managing risks and creating progress in maritime operations. “Through collaboration and innovation, we can strengthen resilience and competitiveness in the maritime community,” explained Saut.

Diagram kontribusi konsep disrupsi maritim yang menjelaskan dua penggerak utama yaitu kejadian makro dan mikro yang dikembangkan oleh Prof Ir Raja Oloan Saut Gurning ST MSc PhD CMarTech

Contribution diagram to the concept of maritime disruption, which explains the two main drivers, namely macro and micro events, developed by Prof. Ir Raja Oloan Saut Gurning ST MSc PhD CMarTechgabIt increases maritime logistics resilience, and this 1971-born lecturer’s innovation can also benefit Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Efficient maritime logistics operations can help MSMEs reduce shipping costs, increase product competitiveness, and open new opportunities to develop in local and international markets.

This innovation in disruption management, initiated by a man of Batak blood, opens up great opportunities for the Indonesian maritime industry. Its implementation is expected to increase operational resilience and help the industry better deal with various complex risks. “This hope can only be achieved if we all collaborate, both government and society,” added Saut.

With a proactive and responsive approach to change, Saut is optimistic that Indonesia can strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading maritime powers. “Let’s work together to build a strong, competitive, and sustainable maritime industry for a brighter Indonesian maritime future,” he said. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Syahidan Nur Habibie Ash-shidieq

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