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Kedaireka ITS x PT ASSI Launch a Multi-Purpose Navigation Floating Vehicle

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ITS Rector, Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng, delivered a speech during the inauguration and launch of the Multi-Purpose Navigation Floating Vehicle

ITS Campus, ITS News — Responding to various maritime issues, the collaboration between Matching Fund (MF) Kedaireka Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) and PT Adiluhung Sarana Segara Indonesia (ASSI) built a prototype of a Multi-Purpose Navigation Floating Vehicle. The innovative maritime device was officially launched in Bangkalan, Madura, on Monday (26/2).

The chairman of MF Kedaireka ITS x PT ASSI, Prof Ir Raden Sjarief Widjaja PhD, explained that this launch is the result of a collaboration that has been ongoing for four months. “This work process involves researchers from multiple disciplines with eight lecturers and 15 students,” he explained.

Sjarief further explained that six knockdown trapezoid pontoons, each equipped with marine renewable energy devices based on solar and wind power, compose this device. This arrangement will later work as a multi-purpose buoy and ship navigation.

The Rector of ITS, the Director of PT ASSI, and their staffs were directly inspecting the Multi-Purpose Navigation Floating Vehicle

One of the main functions mentioned by Sjarief is the electrical energy capacity of up to 9,600 watts. “This device can also serve as a solution for renewable energy through the utilization of solar panels and wind turbines,” the professor from the Department of Naval Architecture, Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) at ITS said.

Launched into the middle of the sea, Sjarief ensured that the security system at PT ASSI guarantees this device with the availability of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). “Despite only one prototype being developed, this device can still be taken even to remote locations that require problem-solving,” he explained.

The chairman of MF Kedaireka ITS x PT ASSI, Prof Ir Raden Sjarief Widjaja PhD, gave a speech at the inauguration and launch of the Multi-Purpose Navigation Floating Vehicle

By procuring this device, Sjarief emphasized that many lines can benefit from it. This device can produce fresh water through the desalination process, provide electrical supplies, signal the comings and goings of ships to the shipyard, and respond to urgent navigation needs due to shallow sea conditions.

Sjarief also mentioned that this inauguration was the initial step in the collaboration between ITS and PT ASSI. “There is no need to worry about functional limitations, as this device is designed with a highly flexible structure to accept development,” he said.

The Multi-Purpose Navigation Floating Vehicle, the result of the collaboration between Kedaireka ITS x PT ASSI, was launched into the middle of the sea in Madura waters

Giving a speech at the inauguration event, the President Director of PT ASSI, Ir Anita Puji Utami ST IPM, expressed pride in being trusted as a partner of the World of Business and Industry (DUDI) in this collaboration by ITS. “We hope that this collaboration doesn’t stop here and continues to produce more solutions, both in terms of physical products and policies,” she said.

Also present at the inauguration was the Rector of ITS, Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng, who expressed confidence that this product could give extraordinary benefits to society. “In the future, we need to consider updates to make it accessible to a wider audience,” he reminded. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Faadhillah Syhab Azzahra

Translator: Alya Farah Nabila

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