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MarmorStuff, Marble Waste Furniture Business by ITS Students

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Potret Tim MarmorStuff bersama Himpunan Desainer Mebel Indonesia (HDMI) pada Pameran Decorintex 2023 di Surabaya

MarmorStuff Team with the Indonesian Furniture Designers Association (Himpunan Desainer Mebel Indonesia – HDMI) at the 2023 Decorintex Exhibition in Surabaya

ITS Campus, ITS News – A team of students from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has successfully innovated in the furniture and home decor business using marble waste. The business, named MarmorStuff, aims to reduce pollution caused by marble waste and support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Goal 12 on responsible consumption and production.

Salsabila Dhita Nurani, head of the MarmorStuff team, explained that the business idea emerged after seeing piles of marble offcuts from craftsmen in her hometown, Tulungagung Regency. “The marble waste has beautiful patterns and colors, and it’s a shame not to utilize it, leaving it to pollute the environment,” said Dhita.

Together with team members Zaky Ahmad Mubaarok, Arvia Khosyi Pratista, Aisyah Nabila Zein, and Muhammad Muzakky, Dhita transformed the marble waste into environmentally friendly furniture and home decor products. In the process, Dhita and her team collaborated with local marble craftsmen in Tulungagung to develop the business.

Potret Salsabila Dhita Nurani (kanan) ketika menjelaskan produk MarmorStuff kepada para pengunjung Demo Day ITS 2023

Salsabila Dhita Nurani (right) when explaining MarmorStuff products to visitors to ITS Demo Day 2023

Furthermore, Dhita explained that MarmorStuff employs the upcycling technique in its production process. Upcycling is a recycling technique that doesn’t alter the original form of the waste. “With upcycling, we don’t need special, high-cost equipment, making the products more affordable and environmentally friendly,” explained the Industrial Product Design Department (Despro) student at ITS.

Regarding the manufacturing process, the remaining marble offcuts are initially classified based on their patterns and colors. Subsequently, the marble pieces are arranged in molds, where a mixture of white cement, glue, and calcium powder is poured. Afterward, the drying process takes three days before the products are polished and given an outer coating.

Gambar Bena Coaster, salah satu seri produk home decor dari MarmorStuff

Bena Coaster, one of the home decor product series from MarmorStuff

The output of this product depends on the mold used. So far, Dhita and the team have produced furniture products such as tables and café chairs, as well as home decor products such as trays and glass coasters. “With the same technique, we can produce various products according to consumer demand,” she explained.

Amid market competition, the team guided by the lecturer from the ITS Department of Design Product, MY Alief Samboro ST MDs, also demonstrated the superiority of their products through national and international exhibitions. “We have successfully sold our products at the national-scale DECORINTEX 2023 exhibition and the international-scale IFFINA (Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo) 2023,” Dhita proudly stated.

Potret Salsabila Dhita Nurani (kanan) bersama salah satu pemilik coffee shop saat menunjukkan produk MarmorStuff dalam acara Pop Up Store di Kota Blitar, Jawa Timur

Salsabila Dhita Nurani (right) with one of the coffee shop owners while showing MarmorStuff products at the Pop Up Store event in Blitar City, East Java

This environmentally friendly business innovation has led Dhita and her team to achieve a silver medal at the 36th National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) competition in 2023. This was particularly in the Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program (PKM-K) presentation category held at Universitas Padjadjaran at the end of November. “Our hope is that this effort can assist marble craftsmen and reduce pollution caused by marble waste in Tulungagung,” expressed Dhita. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Putu Calista Arthanti Dewi

News Translator : Nabila Luthfiani

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