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ITS First Design Professor Creates Multipurpose Bicycle

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Gambar gubes ke-192 ITS

Prof Dr Ir Bambang Iskandriawan MEng when delivering his scientific oration regarding collaboration in the fields of engineering and design to improve the quality of human life through a series of multipurpose bicycle

Kampus ITS, ITS News — Engineering and design collaboration is the primary key in product development to support the quality of human life. This idea sparked the 192nd Professor of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Prof Dr Ir Bambang Iskandriawan MEng, to create a series of multipurpose bicycle innovations to facilitate mobility and increase human productivity.

The first professor from ITS Industrial Product Design (Despro) Department said that bicycles are a friendly means of mobility for various groups. Not only as a means of transportation, bicycles are also a means of sports, recreation, and health support. Bambang states that bicycle feature innovation is needed to optimize all its functions. “In addition to the use value and selling value as well,” said the man, the first professor from the ITS Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business (FDKBD).

In his explanation, the Head of the ITS Creative Design Center for Science and Technology (PUI) said that one of the bicycles he created was the Trandem Bike (TB). Namely, it is a tandem bicycle that can be transformed into a single bicycle and vice versa. According to Bambang, this bicycle can solve the problem of tandem bicycles, which are usually rarely used because they have to be pedaled by two people. “This TB can have the middle frame removed and become a single bicycle,” he explained.

Gambar Prototype Commuter Bike (Cobi) besutan Profesor ke-192 ITS Prof Dr Ir Bambang Iskandriawan MEng

Prototype Commuter Bike (Cobi), a multipurpose portable folding bicycle that can be used as a chair when traveling, made by ITS 192nd Professor Prof Dr Ir Bambang Iskandriawan MEng

Furthermore, to make storing tandem bicycles in limited space conditions easier, this lecturer, born in 1960, continued his TB innovation by creating the Sliding Tandem Bike (STB). Bambang explained that STB is up to date in terms of framework efficiency. This type of bicycle is designed with a frame feature that can be extended and shortened without removing the bicycle frame. “With this feature, bicycles can be placed in narrow spaces, even on the walls of a room,” he said.

From an environmental perspective, the former Head of the Human Centered Design Laboratory of the ITS Despro Department has also succeeded in creating a bicycle innovation that can clean dirty air called the Air Purifier Bike (APB). This APB has a filter system that can filter the air while the bicycle is in use. “The filtered air will then be released back into clean air through the outer edges around the rear and front wheels of the bicycle,” added Bambang.

Moving on to the next multipurpose side, this man from Surabaya has created an innovative portable folding bicycle that can be transformed into a chair. This bicycle, the Commuter Bike (Cobi), has undergone complex structural analysis and numerical simulations to produce a lighter frame and a more practical design. According to Bambang, this bicycle is suitable for travel by young people to older adults.

Gambar Trandem Bike besutan Profesor ITS

Prof Dr Ir Bambang Iskandriawan MEng showed off one of his multipurpose bicycles, namely the Trandem Bike

Meanwhile, regarding the latest innovation he initiated, this ITS Mechanical Engineering graduate has developed a group bicycle called Community Bike ITS (Combits). Combits are bicycles that six people can use at once. Bambang explained that this bicycle was also designed with a roof that could protect the user from direct sun exposure. “So that interactions while cycling remains comfortable,” he added.

In his explanation, Bambang revealed that the various ideas and processes in making this innovation involved multidisciplinary science. Starting from the manufacturing process, trend analysis, ergonomics, and simulation to product testing and publications involving many parties. Not only academics in his innovation, this master’s graduate from Wollongong University, Australia, even involved Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to support the economy of residents.

In the future, Bambang said, the innovation development that has been running for 20 years will continue to be intensified. Continuous innovation will be accelerated through adding features, expanding functions, and exploring business potential through pioneering startups. “We have started pioneering this company and are continuing to develop it to this day,” he said.

Gambar APB besutan Profesor ITS

Air Purifier Bike (APB), which is a multipurpose bicycle equipped with a dirty air filter made by Prof Dr Ir Bambang Iskandriawan MEng from ITS

Lastly, this ITS Doctoral Program graduate also believes that the sustainability of this innovation will provide more comprehensive benefits for various sectors, including social, educational, and applied arts. Bambang hopes that this innovation, engineering, and design can continue to work in harmony to benefit the nation. “It is time for this scientific collaboration to create optimal products instead of separating them individually,” he stressed. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Shafa Annisa Ramadhani

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