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ITS Governor Votes Eco-Friendly Defense Equipment

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Prof Dr Ir Agoes Santoso MSc saat menyampaikan orasi ilmiahnya pada prosesi pengukuhannya sebagai profesor ke-170 ITS

Prof Dr Ir Agoes Santoso MSc, when delivering his scientific oration at his inauguration procession as ITS’s 170th professor

ITS Campus, ITS News – In an era of demands for environmentally friendly technology, the 170th Professor (Gubes) of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Prof Dr Ir Agoes Santoso MSc, is optimizing the role of the campus in the defense industry. This is done by encouraging the role of campuses as the fourth pillar in developing an environmentally friendly national defense industry.

Agoes revealed that engineering campuses in Indonesia must demonstrate high competence in developing the primary weapons system (alutsista) amidst the onslaught of environmentally friendly technology. “Currently, the campus not only acts as a theoretical forum but also becomes a center for research and community service with superior technology products,” said the Department of Marine Engineering lecturer.

According to Agoes, the approach to meeting demands for environmentally friendly defense equipment is currently developing in two directions: reducing pollution levels and increasing efficiency. “In a maritime context, increasing the efficiency of combustion engines can reduce fuel consumption and air pollution,” added the father of three, explaining the results of his research outlined in his inauguration scientific oration as a professor.

Prof Dr Ir Agoes Santoso MSc di samping tank milik TNI-AL yang merupakan salah satu produk alutsista pertahanan Indonesia

Prof Dr Ir Agoes Santoso MSc next to a TNI-AL tank, which is one of Indonesia’s defense equipment products

This lecturer from Tulungagung believes that ITS has considered solutions that focus on efficiency, resource sustainability, and environmental impact management. This includes resource diversity, reduced consumption, increased efficiency, and better risk management. “Reducing exhaust emissions on ships is one of the aspects regulated by the Indonesian government as a member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO),” explained the husband of Hj Wahyu Iriani SH.

One solution is to develop defense equipment that considers environmental impacts. This concept can help reduce the impact of pollution at the national and even global levels. “This is a big challenge that encourages engineering campuses to develop environmentally friendly military technology without sacrificing performance,” emphasized the ITS Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering alumnus.

Prof Dr Ir Agoes Santoso MSc saat menghadiri peresmian kapal patroli milik TNI-AL di Tanjung Uban, Kepulauan Riau

Prof. Dr. Ir Agoes Santoso MSc, while attending the inauguration of a TNI-AL patrol boat in Tanjung Uban, Riau Islands

Apart from that, Agoes mentioned integrating universities as the fourth pillar in the national defense industry. This is expected to make a significant contribution to the development of environmentally friendly defense equipment. The involvement of universities in military action is expected to provide not only technical benefits but also financial benefits and contributions to state sovereignty.

Furthermore, Agoes emphasized that universities must also understand that the defense industry continues to develop. Research must continue to adapt to technological developments. “Innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), integrated automation, Big Data, and renewable resources must be the main focus,” explained the Professor, who was born on 28 September 1968.

Ketua Dewan Profesor ITS Prof Dr Ir Imam Robandi MT (kiri) saat menyerahkan sertifikat usai mengukuhkan Prof Dr Ir Agoes Santoso MSc (kanan) sebagai Profesor ke-170 ITS

Head of the ITS Professor Council Prof Dr Ir Imam Robandi MT (left) when handing over the certificate after inaugurating Prof Dr Ir Agoes Santoso MSc (right) as ITS’s 170th Professor

Finally, the ITS Marine Engineering PhD alumnus emphasized that engineering campuses must take progressive steps in combining technological innovation with environmental sustainability. “Through this commitment, universities as the fourth pillar of the national defense industry have the potential to significantly contribute to developing environmentally friendly defense equipment,” he reminded. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Thariq Agfi Hermawan

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