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March 16, 2023 21:03

Strengthening Internationalization, Business Management (MB) ITS Launches Double Degree Program with ESSCA

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The Head of ESSCA Asia Promotion Unit, Liqing Chen, explains some programs to academic community of ITS Business Management (MB) Department /caption]

ITS Campus, ITS News – Business Management (MB) Department of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) launched a double degree program in collaboration with ESSCA School of Management, Angers, France, Thursday (16/3). This collaboration is an effort to support internationalization vision intensified by ITS towards World Class University.

The Head of ESSCA Asia Promotion Unit, Liqing Chen, states that ESSCA is one of France’s campuses with the best internationalization program. ESCCA environmental quality for international students is also certified by Bienvenue en France. “ESSCA has 18,000 alumni and 2,500 corporate partners. These numbers show our commitment (ESSCA, red) to provide the best student experience,” she said.

[caption id="attachment_79529" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Participants had question and answer session with the Head of ESSCA Asia Promotion Unit, Liqing Chen (right), moderated by the Head of ITS Business Management (MB) Department, Dr oec HSG Syarifa Hanoum ST MT

To support her statement, Chen explains based on their career path, 93 percent of ESSCA graduate students has been successfully getting jobs in under three months. Besides, as many as 91 percent of alumni has successfully worked in accordance to the career they wanted after graduation. “We have recorded that most of our graduates (52 percent) have succeeded in careers, especially in business development and export activities,” she said.

Chen also explains that international students could choose their campus locations in several countries provided by ESSCA, such as Lyon (France), Paris (France), Budapest (Hungary), to Shanghai (China). Even though there are different campuses in different countries, Chen dares to guarantee that the quality of education and the curriculum will be by the standards set by ESSCA. “With ESSCA, students can explore more about cultural exchanges to various educational environments,” she said.

A brief remark delivered by the Director of ESSCA Shanghai, Christophe Rouillon

By having this new collaboration, the Head of ITS Business Management (MB) Department, Dr oec HSG Syarifa Hanoum ST MT, expects their students to get wider opportunities to build their future careers. She also expects that this collaboration will be a form of Business Management (MB) ITS’s commitment to her concern for building her students’ careers. “Hopefully, this forum can ignite the spirit of ITS students, especially for Business Management (MB) in the future,” she said. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Bima Surya Samudra

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