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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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ITS Packaging Design House, Solution to MSME Packaging Problems

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ITS Vice Chancellor IV Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD (three from right) with the Dean of the Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business ITS Imam Baihaqi ST MSc PhD (right) and other officials when launching the ITS Packaging Design House

Campus ITS, ITS News – The initiation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is crucial to improve the wheels of the economy. However, it is not uncommon for some MSMEs to have difficulties developing their marketing due to unattractive branding or product packaging. Seeing this, on November 8, the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) launched a Packaging Design House to meet the needs of MSME packaging branding, held at the ITS Research Center Building on Wednesday (8/2).

As the Head of the ITS Packaging Design House Program, Sayatman SSn Msi, explained, his mission is to provide packaging design and branding development services for MSMEs, or even Small and Medium Industries (SMI). This is expected to increase the product’s selling value, and develop the business of MSME or SMI actors.

Sayatman revealed that ITS Packaging Design House’s services are making packaging, holding training programs, and mentoring MSMEs. In the future, ITS Packaging Design House will also prepare tools or machines that produce packaging on an MSME production scale. “With that, MSMEs can see the results of our packaging products,” said Sayatman.

Head of the ITS Packaging Design House Program, Sayatman SSn MSi, explained the packaging design house program at the commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the ITS Visual Communication Design Department

The lecturer at the Visual Communication Design (VCD) Department revealed program can be said to be an advanced form of the 1,000 Packaging Design Community Service Program (KKN Abmas), which launched last year. Even though at that time he only helped MSMEs affiliated with the Packaging Design House (OPOP) program, Sayatman saw that there were still many MSMEs, especially in East Java, who needed help developing packaging.

MSME actors who were interested in using the ITS Packaging Design House service can visit the website and contact the social media accounts of this program. Sayatman ensures that the ITS Packaging Design House service is pocket-friendly according to the business conditions of the community. “That way, MSME players don’t have to worry about high costs that can slow down their businesses,” he said.

In a talk show series commemorating the 5th anniversary of the ITS Visual Communication Design Department, Lia Sidik PhD (left), discusses branding strategy with moderator Dr Rahmatsyam Lakoro SSn MT

SSayatman assessed that 1,000 Packaging Design of the Community Service Program could be said to be a pilot program for ITS Design Packaging House, so this program already has market share. But enterprising, ITS Packaging Design House is not limited to OPOP-affiliated MSMEs but is also willing to serve all MSMEs from all over Indonesia.

The launch of this program is a series of peak commemorations of the 5th Anniversary or Lustrum I of the ITS DKV Department. This commemoration was also enlivened by a series of talk shows, seminars, and other events related to the development of visual communication design science. When delivering his remarks, Sayatman added that ITS Packaging Design House also plans to become one of ITS’s flagships. “The hope is that ITS can be proud of helping community businesses,” said Sayatman optimistically. (ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Gandhi Kesuma

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