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ITS Students Develop “Sarapanku” App to Promote Breakfast Habits

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Sarapanku Application, a platform for students to establish a regular breakfast routine, was created by the ITS Reveluv Team and has been granted copyright by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

ITS Campus, ITS News – Many people, especially students, often skip breakfast due to their busy schedules. To address this problem, a team of students from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), the Reveluv Team, designed the “Sarapanku” (in English: MyBreakfast) app to promote breakfast habits among students.

ITS Reveluv Team Leader Nur Muhammad Ainul Yaqin said the inspiration for this application came from his own experience, who frequently suffers from stomach ulcers as a result of his bad habit of skipping breakfast. “The bustle of lectures and organizations that have been quite dense since morning cannot be denied causing diseases that are too late to be realized,” he said.

Therefore, he and his team designed the Sarapanku application with four main features. Specifically, Weekly Subscription Breakfast, AI-generated menu recommendations, My Breakfast Strike Point, Invite Friends and Parent Monitoring features for breakfast. According to Nur, these features were created with the issue of breakfast and students’ habits in mind. “These features are designed to be focused on the problem of breakfast and its habit for students,” explained Nur.

Nur claims that the Weekly Subscription Breakfast feature requires users to pay in advance to subscribe to breakfast catering for a week. The chosen breakfast package will be delivered daily to the user’s address between 05:30 and 08:30 in the morning in cooperation with catering partners located near ITS.

A unique aspect of Sarapanku is that it also creates a gamification experience for users with its My Breakfast Strike Point feature. The user’s points can grow every day when ordering breakfast delivery using this feature, and earned points can level up the application and unlock promotional features. “The points will reset to zero if the user skips breakfast for one day”, he said.

Excellent features in the Sarapanku app, designed by the ITS Reveluv team as well as research methods used in the development of user experience designs

Users can select a weekly menu package that best suits their preferences using the AI-Generated Menu Recommend feature. “From the assessment, there will be a menu package that adjusts according to the food options their catering partners provided,” explained Nur.

He continued that Sarapanku also features Invite Friends and Parental Monitor features. Through this feature, student parents will get information on whether their child is eating breakfast that day. “As for the Invite Friends feature, it can be a means for students to share their breakfast,” added the young man from Madiun.

(from left) ITS Reveluv team consisting of Ahmad Ibnu Malik Rahman, Nur Muhammad Ainul Yaqin, and Muhammad Ferdian Iqbal, who designed the Breakfast application

With his two colleagues, Ahmad Ibnu Malik Rahman and Muhammad Ferdian Iqbal, Nur designed this application using the double diamond method. Using this method, his team carried out three design iterations, from conducting a survey to determine the right user, then validating prospective users’ habits when using the application, to forming the final design by placing features in the application that makes it easier for users.

Even though the design of this application is still in the development stage, the team guided by ITS Informatics Engineering lecturer Hadziq Fabroyir SKom PhD has won a bronze medal at the 2022 XV National Student Exhibition in the Field of Information and Communication Technology (Gemastik) in the User Experience Design category. “Hopefully, my breakfast can be run as a business that can solve breakfast problems for students,” he concluded optimistically. (ITS PR)


Reporter: Fathia Rahmanisa


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