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Alpha Academy, Educative Ideas by ITS Students

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(dari kiri) Ahmad Zaky Mubaarok Mauludi, Muhammad Rafif Tri Rizqullah, Sahda Rani Sulaiman, dan Aldo Athallah saat menunjukkan gagasannya bernama Alpha Academy

(from left) Ahmad Zaky Mubaarok Mauludi, Muhammad Rafif Tri Rizqullah, Sahda Rani Sulaiman, and Aldo Athallah showing their idea called Alpha Academy

ITS Campus, ITS News – Competition to be able to excel in the academic world is currently increasingly fierce among students. In response to this, a team of students from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) came up with a solution called Alpha Academy, a quality and affordable website-based preparation and mentoring platform for the National Science Olympiad (OSN).

Digging deeper, the leader of the Alpha Academy initiating team, Ahmad Zaky Mubaarok Mauludi, explained that his team’s idea was to support the high achievement interest of students in Indonesia. Ahmad and his team wanted to present a new platform so that this enthusiasm would not just disappear. “Providing convenience for students in preparing for competitions and deepening talent scouting at the school level is our big goal,” he said.

Tampilan fitur Latihan Soal Alpha Academy yang digagas oleh tim mahasiswa ITS yang berhasil raih prestasi di ajang Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Indonesia (KMI) 2022

Display of the Alpha Academy Questionnaire feature which was initiated by a team of ITS students who won achievements at the 2022 Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Event (KMI)

Not just in preparing material, this platform is supported by syllabus from each field as a reference for compiling existing features. Ahmad said that there are three products that are differentiated based on their business model. Namely the first is Pay for Use which provides KSN Try Out activities and Online Courses. Through this product, students can take part in real competition simulations according to their level to distance training with mentors.

Explaining the second product, there is Freemium which gives full access to a comprehensive learning package. This package contains material in the form of blogs, learning videos and practice questions that are integrated according to the syllabus of each field. “Users can also access all information regarding quality competition recommendations and recommendations for learning resources,” he explained.

It doesn’t stop here, dismissing potential user concerns regarding paid features, Ahmad said that Alpha Academy also provides free products that can be accessed easily. These products include webinars, inspiring podcasts, short courses to limited access to learning packages.

Tim Alpha Academy ITS saat menyabet Juara II pada KMI Expo 2022 Bidang Inovasi Wirausaha Digital Mahasiswa (IWDM) kategori Startup Tahap Awal

The ITS Alpha Academy team won 2nd place at KMI Expo 2022 in the Field of Student Digital Entrepreneurial Innovation (IWDM) in the Early Stage Startup category

The student from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) then shared the superior aspects of his work, including its uniqueness compared to existing competitors. Namely prices that are definitely more affordable, comprehensive and attractive learning packages, the Recommendation and Study Plan features, as well as quality tutors in related fields of competition.

Reiterating, the value that is always used as a guideline by the team is quality. Selective in curating tutors, Alpha Academy tries its best to maintain the quality of the tutors they work with. “Only tutors who have Olympic experience can become teachers here (Alpha Academy, ed),” he said convincingly.

Going forward, this student from Banyuwangi shared the team’s big plans to improve the performance of the Alpha Academy website. Namely through improving the quality of material that can be accessed to be more complete and optimal. In fact, this innovative work has won 2nd place at the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) Expo 2022 in the Field of Student Digital Entrepreneurial Innovation (IWDM) in the Early Stage Startup category. “In realizing this dream, it is important to maintain a solid and cooperative team so that the benefits that we spread will be wider,” he concluded hopefully. (ITS PR)


Reporter: Faadhillah Syhab Azzahra

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