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The Futura Building, A Futuristic Sustainability Building Designed by ITS Student

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Ramdhan Hadi Wijaya dan Reyhandika Ergi Ferdiansyah saat merakit bangunan Futura Building di final Kompetisi Bangunan Gedung Indonesia (KBGI) XIII 2022

Ramdhan Hadi Wijaya and Reyhandika Ergi Ferdiansyah while assembling The Futura Building in the final round of Indonesian Building Competition (KBGI) XIII 2022

ITS Campus News – In order to support economic growth, it is necessary to implement sustainable buildings to become a solution for reducing the need of construction in the present and the future. In this case, the student team from Civil Engineering Department Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) intended to design a building that has green but sturdy concept which is called The Futura Building.

The concept of this eight-floor building was designed by the Arohara Edificio Team which consists of Ramdhan Hadi Wijaya and Reyhandika Ergi Ferdiansyah. The Futura Building itself means the building of the future. “With that name, it is hoped that the building designed by this team can become a building that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and futuristic,” explained the supervisor of the Arohara Edificio Team, Dr. Ahmad Basshofi Habieb ST MS.

(dari kiri) Ramdhan Hadi Wijaya, Dr Ahmad Basshofi Habieb ST MS, dan Reyhandika Ergi Ferdiansyah dari Tim Arohara Edificio ITS yang berprestasi di KBGI XIII

(from left) Ramdhan Hadi Wijaya, Dr Ahmad Basshofi Habieb ST MS, and Reyhandika Ergi Ferdiansyah from ITS Arohara Edificio Team who excelled at KBGI XIII

The man who is familiarly called Basshofi explained that the building has solar panels which can meet energy needs independently. The Futura Building is also able to optimize the flow of air and incoming light by opening glass doors, windows and ventilation. “With all of the specifications, The Futura Building will be able to provide a healthy environment and reduce energy use in the metropolitan city,” Basshofi said.

In addition, Basshofi revealed that the ongoing metropolitan development must also pay attention to the availability of green land to reduce carbon gas in the metropolitan area. Therefore, the exterior design of The Futura Building was designed based on the Green Facade concept by using green plants as the facade design. Furthermore, these plants are able to reduce the incoming sunlight, so they can keep the building’s temperature cool

On the other hand, added Basshofi, the use of steel structural materials also supports the design concept of the Sustainable Green Future Building. The use of steel materials also produces less carbon emissions when it is compared to other structural materials such as concrete. “Steel is considered to have better time effectiveness compared to concrete work, so it can save on construction costs,” he explained again.

Tampilan model bangunan Futura Building yang dirancang oleh Tim Arohara Edificio dari Departemen Teknik Sipil ITS

The display of The Futura Building model designed by the Arohara Edificio Team from the Civil Engineering Department ITS

The Futura Building has also proven to be sturdy when it is tested on a vibrating table at Indonesian Building Construction Competition (KBGI) XIII in Universitas Tarumanagara which ended on the last Sunday (20/11). The Arohara Edificio team as ITS representative at this national level event successfully won the Best Seismic Performance category. “Even though it is light enough, The Futura Building is as sturdy as other teams,” said Basshofi proudly. (HUMAS ITS)

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