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Optimizing Household Waste Tabulation, ITS Students Innovate The FORE

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Mockup aplikasi FORE, inovasi tim mahasiswa ITS guna mengoptimalkan pengolahan sampah rumah tangga

The FORE application mockup, an innovation made by ITS student team to optimize household waste tabulation

ITS Campus News – Students from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) make an innovation to tackle environmental problems. Against the backdrop of the high household waste in Indonesia, three ITS students who are members of the Pholeos team innovated an application called FORE: Food waste Recycle which aims to optimize household waste processing in Indonesia.

The Pholeos team guided by Putu Gde Ariastita ST MT consists of Fathan Dikha Muttaqin and Nailah Fiorenza Fitriyah from Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) Department class of 2022, as well as Mochammad Zharif Asyam from Informatics Engineering Department class of 2022.

Tim Pholeos ITS saat mengikuti kompetisi nasional Gemastik XV di Universitas Brawijaya, Malang

ITS Pholeos team which also participated at Gemastik XV national competition in Brawijaya University, Malang

According to Nailah Fiorenza Fitriyah, this innovation is expected to increase collaboration between the government, the private sectors, and community. “The lack of collaboration between the three parties has resulted in the less optimal waste tabulation,” she said.

Besides, he continued, current waste tabulation is only limited to the reduce and reuse stage. “The recycle stage is equally important, so we are trying to innovate a system to make it more effective and efficient,” Fio explained.

Alignment was also expressed by another Pholeos team member, Mochammad Zharif Asyam, who revealed that this innovation did not change the existing system. The innovation designed by the Pholeos team is more aimed at optimizing the working principles of the existing system.

Tampilan awal aplikasi FORE besutan tim Pholeos ITS yang berhasil raih medali di Gemastik XV

An initial display of The FORE application made by ITS Pholeos team which also won a medal at Gemastik XV

Furthermore, the young man who is familiarly called Zharif explained the working principles of his innovation. Starting from the user’s household waste which is transported by the courier, the household waste will be brought to the nearest Temporary Storage Site (TPS). Then it is transported again to the Final Disposal Site (TPA).

On an existing system, the waste will only be left in the landfill. However, in this innovation which is made by the team of ITS students, the waste in TPA will be processed again by the government or the private sectors. Zharif explained that the tabulation will produce products in the form of compost and animal feed.

With a circular economy concept, the products that have been produced will be sold in e-commerce or distributed to related industries. The profit generated by the sale will be returned to the user. “Users will receive reciprocity in the form of points that can be exchanged for money,” Zharif added.

Tim Pholeos ITS ketika mempresentasikan FORE (Foodwaste Recycle) secara virtual pada babak final Gemastik XV

ITS Pholeos team while presenting The FORE (Foodwaste Recycle) virtually at the final round of Gemastik XV

The innovation entitled Smart City Household Food Waste Management System has succeeded in bringing ITS Pholeos team to win a bronze medal at Gemastik XV event in Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, recently. “We hope that this system will not only be an innovation, but also provide benefits to society,” he concluded. (ITS PR)

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