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December 26, 2022 20:12

ITS Wins The SDGs Campus Ambassador Award in The Socialization Category

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Azeva Haqqi Pradiar usai menerima penghargaan sebagai Duta Kampus SDGs Kategori Sosialisasi mewakili ITS di Ballroom Hotel The Sultan Jakarta

Azeva Haqqi Pradiar after receiving The SDGs Campus Ambassador Award in The Socialization Category as an ITS representative at The Sultan Hotel Ballroom Jakarta

ITS Campus News –  Many proud achievements will never be stopped making by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) academicians. At this time, very proud news comes from two ITS students who won the title of The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Campus Ambassador in The Socialization Category at Indonesia SDGs Campus Ambassador competition 2022 at The Sultan Hotel Ballroom Jakarta, Friday (2/12).

The Indonesia SDGs Campus Ambassador competition 2022 is a competition held by The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas). In this competition, ITS participated by sending two students, namely Imanuel Erlangga Sakti Verdianto from the Development Studies Department and Azeva Haqqi Pradiar from the Industrial Chemical Engineering Department. The two of them are also the finalists of ITS Ambassadors 2022.

Azeva Haqqi Pradiar, who is familiarly called Zeva explained that State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia who have an SDGs Center participated in the competition. There were 18 PTNs that sent their representatives for this competition. For choosing the champions, there are five categories including the categories of Inspiration, Implementation, Socialization, Innovation, and Appreciation.

The stages followed in the competition began with the creation of a work program design proposal based on the related issues of SDGs. Besides, the work program design must be visualized in the form of poster. “Afterwards, we had to make a work program presentation and also a profile video,” Zeva, who became ITS representative in Jakarta, continued.

She revealed, as a young generation who will later become a milestone for the survival of the country, she should be concerned with the SDGs programs. The program aims to create a better human life. “But in fact, many students do not have awareness to the importance of the SDGs program,” said the student who is originally from Malang.

Imanuel Erlangga Sakti Verdianto (kiri) bersama Azeva Haqqi Pradiar saat pembuatan video profil diri untuk kompetisi Duta Kampus SDGs Indonesia

Imanuel Erlangga Sakti Verdianto (left) with Azeva Haqqi Pradiar while making a profile video for The Indonesian SDGs Campus Ambassador competition

Furthermore, she explained the reasons for that issue. One of them is the lack of information regarding the suitability of students’ areas of expertise with potential contributions in the existing SDGs categories. “Therefore, efforts are needed to make changes for the realization of SDGs in Indonesia,” he said.

Concerning to that issue, this hijab-wearing girl expressed the importance of a strategy to accelerate the realization of SDGs categories through education that generates action. Moreover, ITS is the best school of technology which can maximize the use of technology in the field of SDGs. “I see a big role of The SDGs Campus Ambassadors in spreading a positive role to fellow students,” she said optimistically. (ITS PR)

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