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ITS Team Wins at National Bridge Competition Creation 2022

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Tim Saba 63 ITS(dari kiri) Mochammad Ilham Yunanto, Muhammad Rifki Fadli, dan Rendy Saputra sebagai juara I dan Best Video dalam National Bridge Competition Creation 2022

ITS Saba 63 Team (from left) Mochammad Ilham Yunanto, Muhammad Rifki Fadli, and Rendy Saputra won the 1st place and The Best Video at National Bridge Competition Creation 2022

ITS Campus News – Another brilliant achievement was made by the students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). At this time, the Saba 63 Team from Civil Engineering Department ITS won 1st place and The Best Video at National Bridge Competition Creation 2022 event organized by the Vocational School of Civil Engineering Department, (SV) Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM), in the last November 26-27.

Mochammad Ilham Yunanto, Muhammad Rifki Fadli, and Rendy Saputra who are the members of Saba 63 Team designed a bridge called Ashakaso. The name is taken from the word “asha” which means hope and “kaso” which is a combination of the names of two villages in Gresik Regency. From that name, it is expected that the two adjoining villages can facilitate and improve the community’s economy.

The Saba 63 Team Leader, Mochammad Ilham Yunanto, explained thatthe design of the Ashakaso bridge was inspired by damar brackets and milkfish which are the main culture and commodities of Gresik Regency. Then, camel back truss and warren truss materials are used to increase the robustness and cost efficiency of the bridge. “In addition, choosing the right color for the bridge makes the appearance of the Ashakaso bridge look more aesthetic and iconic,” said the student who is familiarly called Ilham.

Furthermore, Ilham said that the strategy used in this competition was to maximize the assessment of the criteria given. Such as, the systematics of proposal writing, bridge structure analysis, the concept of sustainable and bridge architecture, and the robustness of the bridge. With this strategy, Team Saba 63 was able to defeat four other finalists from different universities in the National Bridge Competition Creation 2022.

For example, on the bridge robustness assessment criteria. The committee will assess how well the bridge can withstand deflection or curvature from the applied pressure. The deflection of the bridge must meet the established Indonesian National Standard (SNI). “If the deflection distance on the bridge is smaller, the bridge will be better and stronger,” explained the 2020 Civil Engineering Department student.

Visualisasi desain jembatan Ashakaso yang dirancang oleh Tim Saba 63 dari ITS

A visualization of the Ashakaso bridge designed by ITS Saba 63 Team

During the process, Ilham revealed that the biggest obstacle he faced in this competition was time management. It took two weeks to come up with ideas and devise designs in finding the right bridge. This happened because of the frequent revisions in the search for bridge model ideas. “The difficulty is when you have an idea of ​​the model, but when it is designed it turns out that it still has flaws, we have to remodel it again from the beginning,” he said.

Finally, Ilham expects that he and his friends will be able to add more trophies for ITS more often. Besides targeting the title of champion, he emphasized not to forget to explore and apply the knowledge gained both inside and outside the classroom. “Dig deeper the knowledge and apply it by direct practice in competitions,” said the alumnus of SMA Negeri 2 Sidoarjo. (ITS PR)

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