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ITS Students Initiates A Water Quality Monitoring System on The Brantas River

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Tim CT-Reese Garvi ITS meraih juara III dalam KBAI 2022 yang diselenggarakan oleh Departemen Teknik Pengairan, Universitas Brawijaya

ITS CT-Reese Garvi team won the third place in KBAI 2022 which was organized by Water Engineering Department of Universitas Brawijaya

ITS Campus News – The rapid development of technology continues to demand innovation. At this time, three students of Civil Infrastructure Engineering Department Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) who are formed in a team succeeded in creating innovations in the field of water resources infrastructure and technology through an Internet of Things (IoT), based on water quality monitoring system.

The CT-Reese Garvi team which consists of Rahma Dwi Nur Andini, Shella Anika Andamari, and Lina Rahmawati innovated to create a water quality monitoring system for the Brantas River. Shella Anika Andamari as the team leader revealed that the innovation originated from concerns about the current condition of the Brantas River which was filled with garbage from the activities of the local community.

Shella said, from the location of the case study conducted from the Karang Pilang Bridge to the Jagir Water Gate, it was found that industrial waste and local community waste were often disposed of directly into the river. It has an impact on decreasing the quality of the Brantas River water, making it unfit for daily use. “Therefore, we initiated an innovation by utilizing sensors to monitor river water quality,” she added.

Tim CT Reese Garvi ITS ketika mempresentasikan inovasi Sistem Kualitas Air berbasis Internet of Things (IoT) dalam bentuk maket 3D pada rangkaian acara KBAI 2022

ITS CT-Reese Garvi team while presenting an innovation through an Internet of Things (IoT)-based Water Quality System in the form of 3D mockups at KBAI 2022 series of events

The student from Civil Infrastructure Engineering Department explained that there are two work schemes in the monitoring system. The first scheme is placing sensors on the river bodies around the Karang Pilang Bridge and the Jagir Watergate. The sensor will take readings of the river water quality according to predetermined parameters including pH, water turbidity, salt content, and temperature.

The second scheme is an early warning system which is a continuation of the initial scheme. When the water quality exceeds the quality standard levels, an early warning will be reported to relevant stakeholders such as the Environmental Service (DLH) and Jasa Tirta company 1. “Later on, they will monitor and control the water quality along the Karang Pilang Bridge towards the Jagir Water Gate,” he explained.

Tampilan desain tiga dimensi (3D) sensor pengukur parameter untuk mengetahui kualitas air Sungai Brantas yang digagas oleh Tim CT-Reese Garvi ITS

The display of three-dimensional (3D) design of sensor measuring parameters to determine water quality of the Brantas River which was initiated by ITS CT-Reese Garvi Team

Based on water quality monitoring, Shella and the team initiated two channels of information, namely for river management companies and the general public. Complete data and history of monitoring results can only be accessed through an application by river management such as Jasa Tirta. Meanwhile, the public can also see the results of real time water quality monitoring via a screen provided from the location of the sensor placed.

Under the guidance of ITS Civil Infrastructure Engineering lecturer, Ir Ismail Sa’ud MMT, this team finally won the third place at Indonesian Water Building Competition (KBAI) 2022 on Sunday (27/11) in Universitas Brawijaya. The girl who is originally from Lamongan said, although it was just an idea, it was expected that her team’s innovation could be realized so that it would be able to help clean water management in maintaining water quality. (ITS PR)

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