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Super Efficient! ITS Nogogeni Wins Thrifty Cars at KMHE 2022

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Tim Nogogeni ITS dengan mobil Nogogeni VII Evo usai balapan pada KMHE 2022

ITS Nogogeni Team with the Nogogeni VII Evo car after the race at KMHE 2022

ITS Campus News – The energy efficient car team, Nogogeni, from the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has again successfully defended won the title at Energy-Saving Car Competition (KMHE) 2022. Echoing the name of ITS at the national level, the Nogogeni Team won first place in the Urban ConceptElectric Motorcycle category which was announced after the final, Thursday (3/11).

The General Manager of ITS Nogogeni Team, Ghalib Fakhrizal, explained that the annual competition held by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) Kemendikbudristek requires contestants to make cars with as efficient fuel efficiency as possible. After two years of being held online, this year KMHE 2022 is again being held offline which is located in Surabaya, at the Gelora Bung Tomo Circuit (GBT) to be precise.

The KMHE 2022 event is divided into two vehicle categories, namely Prototype and Urban Concept and four fuel categories namely Internal Combustion Motor (MPD) gasoline, MPD diesel, MPD ethanol, and Electric motor. This prestigious competition was attended by more than 40 teams from 29 universities throughout Indonesia.

Mobil Nogogeni VII Evo milik Tim Nogogeni ITS melaju kencang di arena Sirkuit Gelora Bung Tomo pada KMHE 2022

The Nogogeni VII Evo car belonging to the ITS Nogogeni Team raced fast in the Bung Tomo Gelora Circuit arena at KMHE 2022

Ghalib revealed that his team has participated in this prestigious event since 2015 in a row. Even since 2015, the Nogogeni Team has never been absent from bringing home awards from the various categories held. “For the past four years, from 2019 to 2022, the Nogogeni team has succeeded in becoming the first winner of KMHE in the Urban ConceptElectric Motorcycle category,” he said proudly.

Ghalib continued, at KMHE 2022 his team with the flagship car Nogogeni VII Evo took part in the Urban Concept vehicle class category with the Electric Motor energy category. In this category, participants are challenged to design a four-wheeled vehicle that looks like a car in general and is suitable for driving on the streets while using as little energy as possible. “The car is challenged to race eight laps in 25 minutes,” he added.

Tim Nogogeni ITS berhasil meraih juara pertama pada KMHE 2022 kategori Urban Concept Motor Listrik

ITS Nogogeni Team won first place in the KMHE 2022 category of Electric Motors Electricity Concept

To answer this challenge, the student from Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department ITS explained that the Nogogeni VII this time, the Evo was designed with a more aerodynamic and lighter body design. “These two things are the main key to achieving high efficiency,” said this young man who is originally from Magetan .

With the evaluation criteria based on the highest efficiency and travel time speed, the Nogogeni VII Evo managed to complete the race in less than 25 minutes and with an energy efficiency of 186.56 kilometers per kilowatt hour until it is finally managed to lead the ITS Nogogeni Team to win the title in that category. “Hopefully, in the following years, Nogogeni ITS can continue to defend this title,” he said hopefully. (ITS PR)

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