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December 25, 2022 21:12

ITS Won The First Place at KMI Expo 2022

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Tim ITS berhasil raih Juara Umum pada ajang Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Indonesia (KMI) Expo XIII Tahun 2022 yang digelar di UPN Veteran Jawa Timur

ITS team won the first place at Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) Expo XIII 2022 event which was held in UPN Veteran of East Java

ITS Campus News –A proud achievement was again made by the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) at Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) Expo XIII 2022 event which ended on the last Friday (25/11), in Universitas Pembangunan Negara (UPN) Veteran of East Java. At this prestigious event, ITS was ranked the 1st by winning three competitions at KMI Expo 2022 sub-activity, namely the KMI Award.

At the annual national-scale student entrepreneurship event organized by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa) Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology (Ditjen Diktiristek), the ITS team managed to excel in three category with two of them winning first place.

The Head of the Entrepreneurship and Counseling Guidance Section of the Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) ITS Muchammad Nurif SE MT said, at the KMI Expo 2022 event, ITS sent nine teams to take part in the exhibition. The five teams came from the Student Entrepreneurial Development Program (P2MW) category and three of them were from the Student Digital Entrepreneurial Innovation (IWDM) category.

Tim INCRANE ITS yang berhasil menorehkan diri sebagai Juara I pada bidang lomba Teknologi Terapan di KMI Expo XIII Tahun 2022

ITS INCRANE team who managed to carve themselves as the 1st winner in the field of Applied Technology competition at KMI Expo XIII Year 2022

From the eight teams that passed at KMI Award, ITS won 1st place in the Applied Technology competition from the P2MW category through the INCRANE team. Developing Internet of Things (IoT)-based products, this team designs crane systems in ports so that they can detect as early as possible damage that may occur to cranes the em>.

Tim Drafta Indonesia ITS yang berhasil meraih gelar Juara I Startup Tahap Bertumbuh

ITS Drafta Indonesia Team won the 1st place in the Startup Growth Stage

Furthermore, the team that won 1st place in the IWDM category was the Drafta Indonesia team in the Growth Stage Startup competition. The lecturer who is familiarly called Nurif explained that this team is pioneering an educational startup that focuses on the employment sector and self-development.

Tim Alpha Academy ITS yang berhasil mendapatkan Juara II pada bidang lomba Startup Tahap Awal di ajang KMI Expo XIII Tahun 2022

ITS Alpha Academy team won the 2nd place in the Early Stage of Startup competition at KMI Expo XIII 2022

Meanwhile, in the field of the Early Stage Startup competition, the Alpha Academy team from ITS succeeded in winning second place. The team, which also received funding from IWDM, focused on developing a website-based platform preparation for the National Science Olympiad (OSN). “All the products from the IWDM category have been developed in the form of an application,” added the lecturer at the Department of Development Studies.

With the acquisition of these several winners, ITS has the right to be ranked 1st at the 2022 KMI Expo event, which was attended by Universitas Airlangga in runner up position, and Universitas Gadjah Mada in third position. Nurif admitted that he was very proud of ITS achievements in the competition which was attended by 284 universities in Indonesia. “Of course this is a very extraordinary achievement for ITS after the previous year we were ranked third,” he said happily.

According to Nurif, ITS achievements at the KMI Expo 2022 event were the result of sufficiently thorough preparation. Starting from administrative selection, presentations, to the interview stage, the teams were finally formed in early January. Furthermore, the teams he made were trained directly by well-known entrepreneurial practitioners in Indonesia.

Kepala Seksi Kewirausahaan dan Bimbingan Konseling Direktorat Kemahasiswaan ITS (paling kiri) bersama para perwakilan tim ITS yang meraih juara di ajang KMI Expo XIII Tahun 2022

Head of the Entrepreneurship and Counseling Guidance Section of the Directorate of Student Affairs ITS (far left) with representatives of the ITS team who won at the KMI Expo XIII Year 2022

As ​​a future evaluation, Nurif hopes that ITS can excel in all categories, not only in the field of IWDM. Nurif said that many ITS students have brilliant ideas, so they only need a little guidance from practitioners. “Make this moment a starting point to be able to get involved directly in the world of entrepreneurship,” said Nurif enthusiastically

ITS achievements at the KMI Expo 2022 event are also a sign that ITS is also giving full attention to students who want to develop an interest in entrepreneurship. “The results are expected to be in line with the ITS Grand Design, to be able to graduate many graduates who can immediately create jobs,” concluded the 53-year-old man hopefully. (ITS PR)

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