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December 25, 2022 11:12

ITS Students Win Two Gold Medals at Peksiminas 2022

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(dari kiri) Asyroful Anam, Bahalwan Apriyansyah (dosen Departemen Manajemen Bisnis ITS), Tania Andini Susanto, dan Naufan Noordyanto usai pengumuman juara Peksiminas 2022

(from left) Asyroful Anam, Bahalwan Apriyansyah (The lecturer of Business Management Department), Tania Andini Susanto, and Naufan Noordyanto after the announcement of Peksiminas 2022 winner

ITS Campus News – Asyroful Anam and Tania Andini Susanto, two students of Visual Communication Design (DKV) Department Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), succeeded in making a very proud achievement at National Student Art Week (Peksiminas) 2022. Those two students won gold medals in poster design and painting category at this national-scale event.

Peksiminas, a very prestigious biennial event in Indonesia, requires its participants to maximize their abilities in the arts. This time, the event Peksiminas carries the theme Strengthening National Character through Developing Potential Interests and Talent in Student Arts and Culture with 15 different types of competitions.

Participating in a poster design competition, Tania illustrated Balinese Barong, Plate Dance, Tifa musical instruments, and other Indonesian culture from a cell phone. The various arts were illustrated with great fanfare by Tania. “I want to illustrate that Indonesia has a very rich culture from various regions in Indonesia,” he explained.

Lukisan karya Asyroful Anam, mahasiswa Departemen Desain Komunikasi Visual ITS, yang berhasil menyabet Juara 1 Peksiminas 2022 pada kategori Lukis

A Painting by Asyroful Anam, the student of Visual Communication Design Department ITS, who won the 1st place at Peksiminas 2022 in painting category

Furthermore, he also illustrates a finger pressing the share button on a cell phone. With that in mind, Tania revealed that she wanted to convey that Indonesian people can easily share information and posts related to Indonesia’s cultural diversity to increase tolerance and maintain national traditions. “The strong message conveyed by the poster design is the reason the poster was successful in competing with 29 other participants,” he said.

Meanwhile, Asyorful Anam, who is no less proud, also won first place in the painting competition category. Carrying a semi-realist and illustrative genre of painting, the student who is usually called Anam intends to convey the message of Indonesia’s cultural diversity in everyday life. “The plurality of cultures that we have is a test as well as a wealth that we must seriously protect and preserve to be passed on to the next generation,” he said.

Poster hasil karya Tania Andini Susanto, mahasiswa Departemen Desain Komunikasi Visual ITS, yang berhasil meraih Juara 1 Peksiminas 2022 pada kategori Desain Poster

A Poster created by Tania Andini Susanto, the student of Visual Communication Design Department ITS, who won the 1st place at Peksiminas 2022 in poster design category

A deep message that the student from Madura wants to convey is illustrated by the image of a father and mother teaching their child various cultures in Indonesia. This can be seen from various Indonesian traditional clothes, such as the traditional clothes of Madura, Minang, Java and traditional hats from Papua that are shown by a father to his son.

Commented by his painting coach, Naufan Noordyanto, S.Sn., M.Sn., and Sigit Purnomo, that the strokes Anam made in the painting were very beautiful and kind. “The visualization of a good painting accompanied by a message that is close to everyday life is what might make him a champion and be able to meet the expectations of the jury,” he explained.

As a lecturer who also comes from DKV Department ITS, Naufan was very grateful to those who contributed in supporting and guiding Tania and Anam at Peksiminas 2022. “I hope that ITS can win again in the next Peksisminas competition,” he said optimistically. (ITS PR)

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