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ITS Students Innovate Agricultural Education Applications in Limited Land

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Prototype aplikasi edukasi pertanian berbasis teknologi Augmented Reality besutan mahasiswa ITS

The prototype of agricultural education application based on Augmented Reality technology made by ITS students

ITS Campus News – Getting around the lack of public education on urban farming trends, Senior November Institute of Technology (ITS) students designed the idea of ​​an agricultural education application based on Augmented Reality (AR). In this application, the introduction of hydroponic farming techniques is the main focus being introduced.

The student of Chemical Engineering Department ITS, Arif Pawoko, developed an agricultural education application idea that targets village communities, especially the younger generation. Through this application, Arif is trying to introduce farming on limited land. According to him, this is very necessary because of the increasingly widespread development targeting village areas. “The land is getting narrower, if you maintain conventional farming techniques it will no longer be efficient,” he said.

Arif admitted that he chose AR technology in implementing the application because he was considered more capable of providing an optimal educational process. Through a three-dimensional projection that is displayed in the application, it can help provide a more detailed explanation to the user.

Three-dimensional projections in this application can be generated by scanning the supporting books provided. After scanning, procedures for installing hydroponic plants will appear which can be viewed from various angles. “It will also show the benefits and other complete descriptions of plants which are also explained through this application,” added the class of 2022 student.

Arif Pawoko, mahasiswa Departemen Teknik Kimia ITS penggagas ide aplikasi edukasi pertanian untuk lahan yang terbatas

Arif Pawoko, student Department of Chemical Engineering ITS initiated the idea of ​​an agricultural education application for limited land

This application is also planned not to be limited only as an educational medium. Arif stated that the addition and development of transaction features was also under review. This does not rule out that the final development of the application will lead to the formation of a startup. “So later it will also increase economic value and become a new labor absorbing field,” he said.

The student who is originally from Ngawi said that currently the innovation he is developing has entered the prototype stage and has passed the validity test of experts. This application has also succeeded in bringing him to win the third place at Smart Week Competition 2022 event held in Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS). “Hopefully in the future, I hope this application can be released on a massive scale soon so that people can feel its impact more quickly,” concluded this Kendal 1 Public High School alumnus full of hope. (ITS PR)

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