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ITS Lecturer Becomes The Youngest Habibie Prize Awardee in History

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Ilham Akbar Habibie ketika menyerahkan penghargaan Habibie Prize Tahun 2022 Bidang Ilmu Filsafat, Agama, dan Kebudayaan kepada Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn, dosen DKV ITS

Ilham Akbar Habibie while handing over Habibie Prize 2022 in Philosophy, Religion and Culture to Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn, a lecturer from DKV ITS

ITS Campus News – Who would have thought, a young man could compete and be equal to seniors with doctoral degrees or professors who have many experiences. With hard work, dedication, and high ambition, a lecturer from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Naufan Noordyanto, was able to prove his achievements as an award recipient prestigious Habibie Prize, even crowned as the youngest recipient in history on Thursday (10/11).

Interestingly, through a strict selection process by a panel of judges who have integrity in their fields, ITS lecturers Visual Communication Design Department (DKV) which incidentally comes from the technology campus, was successfully selected as the recipient of the 2022 Habibie Prize for the Field of Philosophy, Religion, and Culture which was submitted at the event which took place at the BRIN Building, Jakarta. Apart from being the youngest recipient, Naufan, who is still 32 years old, also set a record as the first Habibie Prize recipient from ITS.

Dosen ITS Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn ketika memberikan keterangannya pada sesi jumpa pers bersama media dalam acara penganugerahan Habibie Prize Tahun 2022

The Lecturer of ITS, Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn, while giving his statement in a press conference session with the media at Habibie Prize Year 2022 Award

An expert in the field of culture through works of art, Naufan dared to register for the Habibie Prize 2022″ award selection through the institutional route, namely ITS. Naufan revealed, he focused on the intensity of activities in creating works of art as knowledge products, especially in the field of design, which he then registered for this award. “The reputation that I apply for is proven by the experience of the activity, recognition from the international community, and its usefulness,” he explained.

Even though he is still quite young, this man from Pamekasan, Madura has had a myriad of achievements and gained various experiences at the local, national and international levels. Naufan has published around 300 of his works in more than 200 events or festivals, international art or design publications, as well as no less than 20 events and national art festivals. “The work has been exhibited in total in 45 countries in the world,” continued Naufan.

Dosen Departemen Desain Komunikasi Visual ITS Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn menunjukkan salah satu hasil cipta karya desainnya berupa poster

The lecturer from Visual Communication Design Department ITS, Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn, shows one of his design creations in the form of a poster

aWhat’s more, Naufan’s various works have been evaluated and exhibited along with works by world-renowned design figures. Call it David Carson, Niklaus Troxler, Milton Glaser, Ivan Chermayeff, Armando Milani, and so on. “In DKV, the theories of these figures also become our teaching material, Thank God I have also exhibited with their works,” he said proudly.

One of Naufan’s works, which is a poster, was also used at the 2021 climate change conference in Scotland. In a national scale, five of his works were selected as the five selected mascot designs in regional head elections (Pilkada) in Serang City, Belitung, Lumajang, Sampang and Pamekasan Regencies. “I am also involved in various community service activities carried out by ITS for the benefit of the community, as well as non-profit projects in Pamekasan,” he continued.

Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn foto bersama dengan para penerima penghargaan Habibie Prize Tahun 2022

Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn taking a group photo with the awardees of Habibie Prize 2022

The lecturer who is part of Pamekasan Regency Arts Council admits that he has received a lot of support and assistance from ITS. He expressed great appreciation, especially for the ITS leadership, the leadership of the Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business (FDKBD), as well as the management of the ITS DKV department. “They supported a lot, especially when welcoming guests from BRIN when they came to DKV in order to make my profile for the award later,” he said.

Related to this, Naufan said that the achievements he is currently getting are the result of hard work together, not just from himself. He would not have won the Habibie Prize if there was no support from all ITS academicians. “This is a joint achievement, not only for me, but also for ITS,” he said.

Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn (tengah) bersama jajaran pimpinan ITS yang hadir dalam acara penganugerahan Habibie Prize Tahun 2022

Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn (center) with ITS leaders who attended Habibie Prize 2022 Award

At the end, Naufan advised all ITS academicians and other young people to never stop learning and working in developing theory, knowledge, and applying them with new visions. “Let’s continue to make ITS proud in many ways based on our respective fields of competence, so that ITS academicians will gain more recognition at national and even international level,” he concluded. (ITS PR)

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