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ITS Presents the Film of Siti’s Struggle with Fay Nabila

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(dari kiri depan) Wakil Rektor IV ITS Bambang Pramujati ST MScEng PhD, Fay Nabila, dan Prof Ir I Nyoman Pujawan MEng PhD CSCP saat nonton bareng penayangan perdana film pendek Perjuangan Siti di Atrium Grand City Mall Surabaya

(from the front left) ITS Deputy Chancellor IV Bambang Pramujati ST MScEng PhD, Fay Nabila, and Prof Ir I Nyoman Pujawan MEng PhD CSCP while watching the premiere of the short film Siti’s Struggle at the Atrium of Grand City Mall Surabaya

ITS Campus, ITS News – Celebrations for Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember’s (ITS) 62nd Anniversary are still happening at the Tennovex 2022 exhibition in the Atrium Grand City Mall Surabaya. This year, the ITS anniversary celebration falls on November 10—the same day as Hero’s Day—and is marked by the release of the short film Perjuangan Siti, whose star, Fay Nabila, was introduced to the audience on Thursday (10/11), the day the film’s premiere took place.

The film’s director, Prof. Ir I Nyoman Pujawan MEng PhD CSCP, opened the film screening and Meet & Greet event. The Dean of the ITS Interdisciplinary School of Technology Management (SIMT) stated, “We produce this film with the hope that it can be an inspiration for young people to move forward and excel even with financial limitations.”

Prior to the movie’s screening, ITS Deputy Chancellor IV Bambang Pramujati ST MScEng PhD was also present and made several remarks. According to Bambang, the creation of this short film shows that ITS can demonstrate its presence in the arts—film and keep up with technological advancements.

Fay Nabila (kanan) saat menjawab pertanyaan dalam sesi Meet and Greet acara nonton perdana film Perjuangan Siti, persembahan dari Dies Natalis ke-62 ITS

Fay Nabila (right) when answering questions in the Meet and Greet session at the premiere of the film Perjuangan Siti, presented by ITS 62nd Anniversary

This 30-minute film tells the story of Siti’s struggle, a fisherman’s child who studies at ITS. Siti, who is active in the world of robotics, assisted by her friend Dodo, managed to win the robot contest. After graduating from her bachelor’s degree, in her struggle to get out of her family’s economic downturn, Siti managed to build a startup business while studying for her master’s degree at SIMT ITS through a scholarship she won.

A well-known young artist plays the character of Siti, Fay Nabila, who has starred in several films such as Dream Wives, Cinta Tapi Benci, and Nightmare Side. Dodo, played by Fajar Nugraha, is a standup comedian who has also appeared in several feature films. This film also involves a number of ITS lecturers, staff, and students as supporting players.

Don Aryadien as the director, succeeded in bringing the nuances of a student’s struggles during college by showing several locations around the ITS campus. This film also inserts several implicit messages about the meaning of struggle. One quote that becomes the point in this film states that big dreams require big efforts as well, and we never know how big we can jump if we don’t try.

Para pemain dan pendukung film pendek Perjuangan Siti persembahan Dies Natalis ke-62 ITS

Players and supporters of the short film Struggle for Siti presented by ITS 62nd Anniversary

After the screening, the event continued with Meet & Greet with Fay Nabila as the main character. Fay admitted that she fits Siti’s character who is cheerful and full of struggles, so this girl from Surabaya was happy when she was offered the lead role in this short film presented by ITS. “As a final year student, I can also feel how Siti struggles to achieve her success,” he said.

With appealing prizes for some fortunate spectators, this event is even more captivating. There is an e-wallet of IDR 1 million which is intended for 10 lucky viewers who are present at the screening of this short film presented by ITS Anniversary. (ITS PR)

Reporter: Lathifah Sahda

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