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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
October 27, 2022 19:10

ITS Bayucaraka Still Maintains the World Champion of the Flying Robot Competition

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Tim Bayucaraka ITS divisi Vertical Take-Off Landing (VTOL), Soeromiber, berhasil pertahankan juara pertama pada kompetisi FIRA Simul Cup 2022 kategori Air Simulation

The ITS Bayucaraka team in the Vertical Take-Off Landing (VTOL) division, Soeromiber, managed to defend first place in the FIRA Simul Cup 2022 competition for the Air Simulation category.

ITS Campus, ITS News – The Bayucaraka was a flying robot team from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), represented by the Soeromiber team, who managed to maintain their international achievements. The Vertical Take-Off Landing (VTOL) team won first place in the Federation of International Robot Sports Association (FIRA) Simul Cup 2022 Air Simulation Competition on 23 August.

The head of the ITS Soeromiber team for the 2022 FIRA Simul Cup competition Muhammad Rayhan Athaillah, explained the team, guided by Atar Fuady Babgei ST MSc, won first place in the FIRA Simul Cup 2022 category Air Simulation Competition. In this category, participants are challenged to create a program on a virtual flying robot (drone) simulation so that they can pass through various obstacles.

Kompetisi yang diikuti oleh tim Soeromiber dari Bayucaraka ITS ini menantang peserta untuk membuat program pada simulasi drone agar dapat melewati beberapa rintangan

The competition, which was participated in by the Soeromiber team from Bayucaraka ITS, challenged the participants to make a drone simulation program to overcome several obstacles.

After working for three weeks, the student, usually called Rayhan, continued the work was divided into several stages, namely drone control, computer vision, and movement optimization. First, control using a joystick and keyboard (Teleop) is done to determine the drone’s control. “Teleop control is used to obtain data such as movement in Cartesian coordinates and the axis of rotation as well as drone speed,” he concluded.

Furthermore, various algorithms are linked so the drone can follow the route line, land, and pass through obstacles. This is done so that the drone can autonomously reach the finish line without touching the existing obstacles. “In this race, drones are required to be able to pass obstacles in the form of gates horizontally or vertically without touching the sides,” he explained.

Furthermore, various trials were carried out by the team under the auspices of the ITS Robotics Student Activity Unit (UKM) to get the most optimal results. “Algorithm tuning and improvement are carried out continuously to get the best time and accuracy records from the previous results,” said this ITS Electrical Engineering Department student.

Visualisasi dari lintasan pada simulasi drone yang dilakukan secara virtual pada gelaran FIRA Simul Cup 2022 kategori Air Simulation Competition

Visualization of a drone simulation trajectory carried out virtually at the FIRA Simul Cup 2022 category Air Simulation Competition.

Rayhan admitted that one of the obstacles in this competition was the need for more information about the time achievements of the other teams. For that, his team prepared five programs with different parameters as a strategy to surpass other groups. “Each experiment is given five simulation opportunities. For that, we made five programs with different levels of accuracy and speed,” he explained.

This 2019 class student hopes this annual robot contest can be carried out offline, especially in the Air Simulation category. “Hopefully, the FIRA Simul Cup contest in 2023 can be held offline so that you can feel the euphoria of an even more challenging competition,” he concluded.

In addition to the Air Simulation Competition, the main event, the ITS Soeromiber team also won first place in the Air Simulation Technical Challenge, a side challenge from the FIRA Simul Cup 2022, also announced online simultaneously on August 23. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Ricardo Hokky Wibisono

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