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Saturday, December 10, 2022
October 17, 2022 16:10

Department of Marine Systems Engineering ITS Held AutoCAD Training 2022

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AutoCAD Training 2022 situation at Marine Manufacturing and Design (MMD) Laboratory, Department of Marine System Engineering ITS. Monday (10/10)

ITS Campus News — In terms of supporting students’ skills through two-dimensional design, Department of Marine System Engineering ITS has held a series of AutoCAD training since the last 3rd October 2022. This training is mandatory for all new students of Marine System Engineering. 

The training tutor, Kevin Juliantara Widodo, explained that this basic training would be very useful for students. Moreover, lectures in this department will implement a lot of AutoCAD skills. “For example, Engineering Drawing and CAD courses which are the core of this training,” he said. 

Kevin said that this series of training is kind of basic course. Participants learn how to recognize various tools used in AutoCAD. “We encourage them to be able to work on designing objects independently,” he continued.

The trainee (left) is asking about creating design to the tutor assistant (right)

According to Kevin, participants will be assigned to create certain objects based on learning module in each session. After that, tutor will discuss and evaluate every participant’s work. “We also give assignments to the participants, so they will have fully understanding to what they have learned” he explained. 

The Chief Executive of this training, Gilang Gerarda Pratama, said that this training was very interactive. Participants were invited to actively ask questions on things they did not know at that moment, so the problems they were facing could be directly assisted by the tutor. “We want that all participants can really understand the use of AutoCAD, so that their lectures will run more smoothly in the future,” he concluded. 

Besides Engineering Drawing and CAD courses, AutoCAD application is also required by students from Department of Marine System Engineering in several other courses, such as line plan design, propeller and axle system, ship machinery, and electrical system. (*)

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