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Creative Education Against Hoaxes, ITS Abmas KKN Team Collaborates with the East Java Communications and Information Office

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Kampanye anti hoaks milik tim KKN Abmas ITS yang dibalut dengan genre komedi

The anti-hoaxes campaign belonging to the ITS KKN Abmas team wrapped in the comedy genre

Campus ITS, ITS News – The flow of information circulating so quickly without being accompanied by efforts to sort out the truth can lead to the spread of hate speech and fake news or hoaxes. In response to this, the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), through the Product-Based Community Service Real Work Lecture (KKN Abmas), is dedicated to eradicating hoaxes through outreach to the public.

The ITS KKN Abmas team promotes service by making a video entitled Educational Campaign Video to Support the Hoaks Warding Program in East Java. The head of the ITS KKN Abmas team, Nugrahardi Ramadhani SSn MT, stated that this activity was a program from the ITS Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) in collaboration with the East Java Communications and Information Office (Diskominfo).

Salah satu cuplikan dalam video promosi anti hoaks yang digagas oleh tim KKN Abmas ITS bersama Dinas Komunikasi dan Informatika (Diskominfo) Jawa Timur

One of the clips in the anti-hoax promotional video initiated by the ITS KKN Abmas team with the East Java Communication and Information Office (Diskominfo)

This ITS Abmas KKN activity is under the Center for the Study of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The lecturer, usually called Dhani, said that making a video to promote the campaign to prevent hoaxes was carried out because East Java was still an easy target for spreading fake news. “This is evidenced by the large number of massive and structured hoax cases involving many parties,” explained Dhani.

The lecturer of the Visual Communication Design Department (DKV) continued the East Java Diskominfo as the holder of the communication and informatics policy has a program in the form of a site to prevent hoaxes, namely The East Java Diskominfo site needs more promotion with creative ways to benefit the community, one of which is audio-visual media or video public service advertisements.

Kiat-kiat menangkal hoaks yang disampaikan oleh tim KKN Abmas ITS dalam Video Kampanye Edukasi untuk Mendukung Program Menangkal Hoaks di Jawa Timur

Tips for counteracting hoaxes delivered by the ITS KKN Abmas team in the Educational Campaign Video to Support the Countering Hoax Program in East Java

Therefore, in the KKN, which ran for three months from July 2022, the ITS KKN Abmas team acted as a video production team. Dhani revealed that his team produced output in the form of a public service advertisement video using the musical comedy genre as a media campaign on the East Java Diskominfo channel. “We are targeting the people of East Java, especially those who live in remote areas and their families, more broadly the Indonesian people,” said the ITS Master’s degree alumnus.

Peragaan para aktor yang terlibat dalam proses pembuatan video dengan menunjukkan contoh berita hoaks

Demonstration of the actors involved in the process of making the video by showing examples of hoax news

The stages of making this video, according to the 41-year-old man, are in the form of assistance related to advertising videos through the Zoom page, casting for actors, searching for references related to advertisements, and choreography exercises carried out offline at ITS Science Techno Park (STP). “The pre-production process is carried out with rehearsals, the production process is filmed, and in post-production, editing is done to rendering,” explained Dhani.

Tim KKN Abmas Berbasis Produk dari ITS dalam peragaan video kampanye anti hoaks

Product-Based KKN Abmas Team from ITS in an anti-hoax campaign video demonstration

The lecturer, also a designer, admitted that he did not encounter any problems during KKN. Instead, students get a lot of new experiences in their work by producing music videos. From Dhani’s narrative, the ITS KKN Abmas team received a warm welcome from the East Java Diskominfo. This is because the community needs more creative supporting media that do not seem patronizing.

Dhani hopes that the emergence of innovative products, such as those designed by the KKN Abmas team he leads, can be a phase or other creative way of visual communication to help problems faced by agencies or the community. This campaign video is a contribution from ITS for Indonesia, which can be accessed through the social network belonging to the East Java Diskominfo and the link. (ITS Public Relation)

Reporter: Yanwa Evia Java

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