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October 05, 2022 21:10

Establishing Synergy, ITS Agrees on Collaboration Initiatives with East Java BUMD

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Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng ketika memberi sambutan di seremoni penandatanganan MoU antara ITS dengan PT Petrogas Jatim Utama

ITS Chancellor Prof Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng, when giving a speech at the MoU signing ceremony between ITS and East Java BUMD, PT Petrogas Jatim Utama

ITS Campus, ITS News – As one of the best universities in Indonesia located in East Java Province (Jatim), Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has a long history of collaborating with various regional institutions that benefit this province. This time, ITS had the opportunity to establish synergy with one of the East Java Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD), PT Petrogas Jatim Utama (PJU), Wednesday (10/5).

This synergy was marked by signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two at the ITS Rectorate Building. This activity was attended by the leadership and dean of ITS, as well as all ranks and leaders in the PJU environment.

Opening his remarks, ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari, MEng IPU AEng, said that ITS had received various assistance and collaborations with the East Java Provincial Government (East Java Provincial Government). This time, ITS is ready to collaborate with BUMD in East Java, especially PJU.

According to Ashari, as he is affectionately known, cooperation can increase the income and dividends of both parties. The payment received, continued Ashari, is not only used for their respective interests but can also indirectly increase the East Java Provincial Government’s Original Regional Revenue (PAD). “So that it can benefit the people of East Java,” said the alumnus of Curtin University, Australia.

Kepala Biro Perekonomian Setdaprov Jawa Timur Iwan SHut MM ketika memberi sambutan pada seremoni penandatanganan MoU antara ITS dengan PT Petrogas Jatim Utama

Head of the Economic Bureau of the East Java Regional Secretariat Iwan SHut MM when giving a speech at the MoU signing ceremony between ITS and PT Petrogas Jatim Utama

Meanwhile, the Director of PJU Buyung Afrianto ST MSc explained that PJU continues to be committed to encouraging the strengthening of Human Resources (HR), mainly manifested in the signing of this MoU. He said that PJU needs experts to improve its capabilities in the oil and gas sector. “We need more experts in the oil and gas industry, starting from the upstream to the downstream processing industry,” he explained.

Furthermore, he admitted that PJU has collaborated with ITS several times, especially with ITS-owned companies, namely PT ITS Tekno Sains. However, the cooperation carried out is less integrated because it is separated between development fields. “We now want to formalize what we have done before and carry out further synergies,” he said.

Prosesi penandatanganan MoU yang diwakili oleh Direktur PT Petrogas Jatim Utama Buyung Afrianto ST MSc (empat dari kiri) dan Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng (tiga dari kanan) didampingi jajaran pimpinan kedua pihak

The MoU signing procession was represented by Director of PT Petrogas Jatim Utama Buyung Afrianto ST MSc (four from left) and ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng (three from right) accompanied by the leadership of both parties.

In line with this statement, the Head of the East Java Provincial Secretariat of the Economic Bureau (Setdaprov), Iwan SHut MM, said the PJU’s move to collaborate with ITS was an extraordinary breakthrough. Furthermore, Iwan explained that the Governor of East Java had given directions so BUMDs could be more competitive at the national level or even penetrate the international market. “We hope this collaboration can realize what the Governor (East Java) expects,” he said.

Jajaran pimpinan ITS dengan perwakilan dari PT Petrogas Jatim Utama usai penandatanganan MoU di Gedung Rektorat ITS

ITS leadership with representatives from PT Petrogas Jatim Utama after the signing of the MoU at the ITS Rectorate Building

Iwan added that one of the developments expected from this collaborative initiative is the development of the Probolinggo Port. According to him, the Port of Probolinggo has great potential because of its strategic location and the condition of the area that is suitable for large ships to stop by. “Therefore, we need ITS expertise in the maritime field because this development can accelerate PJU’s steps to become a bigger company,” he said.

Ending his explanation, Iwan emphasized that the East Java Provincial Secretariat, as an extension of the governor, hopes that this cooperation step can optimize the role of BUMD in terms of its contribution to East Java PAD revenue. “This big plan is very fitting when we invite ITS because ITS is the one who controls technology in Indonesia,” he concluded. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Ferdian Wibowo

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