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Get to know Kharin, the Best Applied Bachelor Graduate of ITS

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harin Octavian Ranto, penyandang wisudawan Sarjana Terapan terbaik ITS, dengan IPK 3,85

Kharin Octavian Ranto, the best ITS Applied Bachelor graduate, with a GPA of 3.85

Kampus ITS, ITS News – The 126th Graduation of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) was again held offline, at Graha Ten November, on 24-25 September 2022. Of the many students who graduated this time, Kharin Octavian Ranto was named the best ITS Applied Bachelor program graduate with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.85.

This graduate from the Department of Business Statistics admitted that she did not expect to be the winner of the highest score in the ITS Applied Undergraduate Program. Kharin said that since high school, she has been interested in statistics. Therefore, when she was accepted at ITS, Kharin was grateful to be able to explore the knowledge she wanted.

Kharin’s struggle to set foot in ITS is no less challenging. Before registering at ITS, Kharin failed seven times in various State Universities (PTN) selections. “Considering my time at ITS, there were many obstacles until I finally became one of the best graduates. Of course, I am pleased and very proud,” she said with a big smile.

Not enough to explore knowledge, Kharin is also actively competing to expand her expertise. One of the following competitions was the Vocational Entrepreneurial Student Program (PWMV). At PWMV, Kharin submitted a proposal with the theme of a culinary business which led to him getting funding of IDR 20 millions for her business.

Kharin Octavian Ranto saat magang di PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya

Kharin Octavian Ranto during an internship at PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya

According to her, non-academic activities such as organizations and committees are also critical to build relationships. This is proven by being one of the staff of the ITS Christian Fellowship (PMK), Olympiad of Statistics Action (Olfaction), and Student Activity Unit (UKM) Expo ITS.

Kharin considers college a time for self-exploration and building relationships as widely as possible. Although some people will feel burdened with limited tasks and time, Kharin assures that as long as there is a place to develop themselves, don’t be easily demotivated and keep fighting. “Living life requires good hard and soft skills,” said Kharin.

During her college years, Kharin often took notes and planned activities to be involved in before the new semester arrived. So that while undergoing her studies, she can carry out the appropriate portion of academic and non-academic activities. “That way, I can know the portions of time in college,” explained the graduate who loves to travel.

Kharin Octavian Ranto (dua dari kanan) saat magang bersama teman-temannya

Kharin Octavian Ranto (second from right) during an internship with her friends

During her internship at PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya, she gained many new experiences. Kharin is required to work in the field directly. Even so, Kharin considered his internship experience very useful because she was able to create a Final Project (TA) topic based on the experience and knowledge gained during the internship.

The student, born on October 5, 2000, admitted that she has started working at PT Santos Jaya Abadi Kapal Api Global since the beginning of 2022. However, she also wants to open new business fields through entrepreneurship. “The experience during my internship gave me a lot of new perspectives and improved my work pattern,” she explained. (ITS PR)

Reporter: Gandhi Kesuma

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