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ITS Spektronics Team Successfully Becomes Chem-E-Car Champion in Germany

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Tim Spektronics ITS berhasil meraih gelar juara pertama pada ajang Chem-E-Car yang diselenggarakan oleh kjVI VDI Germany

The ITS Spektronics team won first place in the Chem-E-Car event organized by kjVI VDI Germany

Campus ITS, ITS NewsInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students have been making proud achievements on an international scale through research and innovation. After winning second place last year, the ITS Spektronics team occupied the podium in first place in the international Chem-E-Car event titled VDI ChemCar Competition 2022 organized by kjVI VDI Germany offline in Aachen, Germany, Wednesday ( 14/9) ago.

ITS Spektronics team member Silma Elvaretta Aska who was also present at the competition, revealed that the innovations brought by the ITS Spektronics team this year were the latest innovations with several developments from previous competition innovations. The prototype car carried by the team in this prestigious competition is the Spektronics 22.

The workings of the Spektronics 22 car prototype utilize the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with a ferric chloride catalyst, producing pressurized water and oxygen in large quantities. Then, the water and oxygen will flow and turn the turbine to move the car forward. “Our innovation is also found in the prototype components of the car,” said Silma.

The superiority of this car prototype, continued Silma, lies in its five unique features. These include 3D Printed Pelton Turbine, 1:2 Ratio Timing Pulley, Solenoid Valve, Electrical Delayer Circuit, and Aluminum Hollow. First, the 3D Printed Pelton Turbine and 1:2 Ratio Timing Pulley were chosen because they have high motion effectiveness and can move the car’s wheels with low air pressure.

Ilustrasi 3D purwarupa mobil tim Spektronics ITS yang bernama Spektronics 22 yang berhasil raih juara pertama di Jerman

3D illustration of the ITS Spektronics team car prototype named Spektronics 22, which won first place in Germany

Furthermore, the Solenoid Valve and Electrical Delayer Circuit are air valves that work using an automation system. The valve will automatically close within a specific time so that the resulting pressure and temperature can be more optimal to move the car. “Then, so that the car can move lightly, we use Aluminum Hollow because it is strong and light,” said Silma.

The team, led by Rahardian Mahendra Daniswara from the Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department, consists of five people. They are Bernadus Krisna Brata and Alifah Salsabila from the Chemical Engineering Department, Wahyu Febianto from the Electrical Engineering Department, Silma Elvaretta Aska from the Industrial Chemical Engineering Department, and Engghar Fauzan Latif from the Marine Engineering Department.

Tahap persiapan Tim Spektronics ITS sebelum menjalani sesi run dan penilaian di Gedung Eurograss, Aachen, Jerman

The preparation stage of the ITS Spectronics Team before undergoing a run and assessment session at the Euro grass Building, Aachen, Germany

Silma explained that the competition consisted of two stages—the preliminary and final stages. In the initial stage, the team made a documentary about the car prototype, as many as 108 pages, within two weeks. After that, in the final stage, the team compiled a safety aspect document on the prototype car, which included the calculation of pressure, temperature, and the car’s performance mechanism in just one month.

Between the two stages of document collection, Silma said that the team carried out a run car every day from morning to night for one month. This run car aims to check the car’s condition, study its behavior, and find data that will be used for the race. During the process, the Spektronics team ensures the vehicle reaches a certain distance with a specific load. “You have to be precise and get zero errors,” he explained.

Tim Spektronics ITS saat menjalani sesi run dan penilaian oleh para juri di ajang VDI ChemCar Competition 2022 di Jerman

The ITS Spektronics team during a run and assessment session by the judges at the VDI ChemCar Competition 2022 in Germany

Facing these problems, Rahardian and his team remain optimistic and believe that all the efforts, hard work, costs, and support provided by various parties will pay off. The ITS team is not afraid to fail to leave and still prepares all the needs according to the timeline.

The long process of getting this championship title is, of course, also thanks to the support of various parties. Accompanying every step of the team, there was Prof. Hamzah Fansuri SSi MSi Ph.D. from the ITS Chemistry Department and Dr. Rendra Panca Anugraha ST from the ITS Chemical Engineering Department as advisors. Not to forget, support also came from the ITS Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa), Ikoma ITS, PLN Java Bali Power Plant (PJB), PT Energi Quarto Indonesia, PT Petro Oxo Nusantara, and PT Petrokimia Gresik. (ITS Public Relation).


Reporter: Regy Zaid Zakaria

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