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Pandemic subsides, ITS Again Accepts Dozens of International Students

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(dari kiri) Brieuc Thierry Joseph Henrio, dan Roger Cecile yang merupakan mahasiswa internasional ITS asal Prancis, serta Lina Brandner asal Jerman saat dijemput oleh volunteer ITS di Bandara Internasional Juanda

(from left) Brieuc Thierry Joseph Henrio, and Roger Cecile who are ITS international students from France, and Lina Brandner from Germany when picked up by ITS volunteers at Juanda International Airport

Campus ITS, ITS News — Entering the odd academic year 2022/2023, the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember again welcomes dozens of foreign or international students to participate in various educational study programs at this hero campus. A total of 53 students from multiple countries are spread across several departments at ITS.

The 53 newly arrived international students participated in several educational programs at ITS. Among others, as many as 39 students participated in the student exchange program, eight students participated in the internship program, and six other students were registered as full degree students at ITS.

Senior Manager of International Promotion and Mobility of the ITS Global Partnerships Directorate (DKG) Octaviyanti Dwi Wahyurini ST MAppDesArt Ph.D. revealed during the two years pandemic, ITS only accepted international or international students online. Now that the pandemic has subsided, ITS has again opened a program that international students can take offline.

Last semester, right after the Indonesian border was opened, ITS only accepted 14 international students. However, because overseas travel regulations are currently more flexible, more international students can be obtained this semester. “The students come from countries such as Malaysia, France, Denmark, Germany, Syria, India, Japan, and Finland,” he said.

Mahasiswa internasional ITS Leandre Paul-Marie Michel Lebrec asal Prancis saat dijemput oleh volunteer ITS di Bandara Internasional Juanda

ITS international student Leandre Paul-Marie Michel Lebrec from France when picked up by ITS volunteers at Juanda International Airport

The woman who is familiarly called Oyin explained that students who took part in student exchanges registered through the nomination of ITS partner universities. Then for students with complete degree programs at ITS, register through the page. After being officially registered, students took part in ITS orientation activities, which were carried out on August 24.

Student registrants who participate in the student exchange program later will undergo activities for one semester. Then for the internship program, students will do internships in their respective departmental laboratories. “Then for those who take the full degree program, there are S2 and S3 students, of which only two people take the Joint or Double Degree program,” explained the lecturer of the Visual Communication Design Department (DKV).

(dari kanan) Veera Maria Aleksandra Karhu dan Rita Inieri Hanninen, mahasiswa internasional ITS asal Finlandia saat di jemput oleh volunteer ITS di Bandara Internasional Juanda

(from right) Veera Maria Aleksandra Karhu and Rita Inieri Hanninen, ITS international students from Finland when picked up by ITS volunteers at Juanda International Airport

He continued the departments where international students conduct internships and exchanges at ITS, including the Departments of Information Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Materials, Metallurgical Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Environmental Engineering. In addition, there is the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK), Geophysical Engineering, Visual Communication Design (DKV), Interior Design, Business Management, Development Studies, Electrical Engineering, and Informatics Engineering.

Oyin said several international students had arrived in Surabaya since mid-August. As one of the excellent services provided by the ITS DKG, the student was picked up by ITS Global Engagement volunteers at Juanda International Airport. “The students looked pleased and enthusiastic when they first arrived in Indonesia,” he said. (ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Fatima Az Zahra

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