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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
September 05, 2022 22:09

ITS Antasena Wins Communication at SEM Virtual Programme 2022

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Anggota tim mobil hemat energi Antasena ITS yang menjadi juara di ajang internasional Shell Eco-Marathon 2022 Virtual Off-Track Awards 2022: Communication Plan regional Asia Pasifik dan Timur Tengah

A member of the ITS Antasena energy-efficient car team who won the international Shell Eco-Marathon 2022 Virtual Off-Track Awards 2022: Asia Pacific and Middle East Regional Communication Plan

ITS Campus, ITS News – Making the name of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) proud in the international arena with its various achievements has become the mainstay of the Antasena Team. Competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon Virtual Program 2022 competition, one of ITS’ mainstay energy-efficient car teams won first place in the Virtual Off-Track Awards: Communication Award sub-race in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region which was announced online, Wednesday (31/03). 8) then.

ITS Antasena Team Communication Manager Muhammad Naufal Rahardi explained, this type of sub-race challenges participants to create a communication campaign that is used as a branding strategy by the Antasena team for one season of Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) 2022. In this case, the Antasena team carries the vision of optimizing the delivery of information. related to hydrogen renewable energy to the public.

Starting the preparation of the communication plan since November 2021, the Antasena team designed a project entitled Evolved into hydrogen with the main objective of introducing energy-efficient vehicles using hydrogen as an alternative to environmentally friendly fuel. There are four core promotional values promoted by the Antasena team, namely tenacious, impactful, sharing and connect, and team branding.

Tim Antasena ITS menjadi juara Shell Eco-marathon Virtual Off-Track Awards 2022 Communication Award pada regional Asia Pasifik dan Timur Tengah

The ITS Antasena team won the Shell Eco-marathon Virtual Off-Track Awards 2022 Communication Award in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions

The movement to popularize hydrogen renewable energy is carried out optimally both offline and online by using social media Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Website, and mass media to attract public interest. “Our top posts on Instagram in the form of mission accomplished were able to generate 7,529 reach, while the top posts on our Tiktok account managed to reach 388,800 reach,” he explained.

This Material and Metallurgical Engineering Department student revealed that the Antasena ITS team also experienced obstacles in the context of delivering messages. The movement to popularize hydrogen renewable energy in 2020 to 2021 has been carried out previously using the full online concept. Meanwhile, the culture in 2022 will turn into a hybrid or offline so that it requires adaptation and good knowledge.

This class of 2019 student revealed that there were still shortcomings from the Antasena team in making these movements offline. Nevertheless, the Antasena team continues to make efforts to evaluate in order to develop. “In addition to evaluation, the planning phase of making each movement will be studied in more detail so that it can increase the effectiveness of teamwork in forming a movement,” he added.

Naufal hopes that his team will be able to continue and perfect the communication plan strategy that has been designed and implemented so far. New ideas will continue to be launched to produce innovative, creative, and varied content to attract public interest. “Hopefully our team’s goal to introduce hydrogen as a new renewable energy solution to the public can be achieved and the content created can provide information that adds to the public’s insight,” he concluded optimistically. (ITS Public Relations)


 Reporter: Shauma Aulya Zahra

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